Unitarians: Uni, means there is only one person, the Father, in the Godhead thus denying  the trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It denies divine inspiration of Scripture, Jesus is God and all other biblical Trinitarian beliefs. They lost their compass since reason and conscience take precedence over the Bible and creeds. Conscience is an unreliable guide or barometer of truth since it can confuse, accuse or excuse us (Romans 2:15). When one does things he knows are wrong, his conscience becomes reprobate and insensitive, “seared by a hot iron” (1 Tim. 4:2).

We have visible and  invisible sins. Pride and unbelief are not visible like drunkenness, murder and adultery. Sins of omission are the good works we fail to do. Pride says, “I am a good person able to stand on my own feet, not a sinner who needs a savior.” Cemeteries are proof that we will not always stand on our own. Adam and Eve disobeyed God and passed their sinful nature to us all. Sin is like a disease with many symptoms. Mine might be pride and yours drunkenness. The human race is suicidal and does not need Dr. Kevorkian’s suicide machine. We kill ourselves with cars, alcohol, drugs, stress and cigarettes. Some think they will get to heaven sooner by smoking or drinking?

Unitarians quote the Golden Rule spoken by Jesus in Matthew 7:12: “Do unto others as you want them to DO unto you.” It is a vain attempt to lift themselves by their own shoe laces. Jesus’ death for our sins is unnecessary if we can get to heaven by doing and behaving rather than believing the gospel. We are not saved from our sins by works we DO but by what Jesus has DONE for us at Calvary. Salvation is a free gift not of works (Ephesians 2:8-10). A gift is bought by others and freely received.

When Jesus taught the Golden Rule, he was speaking to his disciples who were already Christians. His sermon gave instructions on how to treat others. We are not saved by good works but for good works. Even atheists can do good works.

Unitarians say to “love God and love your neighbor” but they missed God’s amazing grace and love: “God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life” (John 3:16). The world’s greatest demonstration of love is someone laying down his life for others. Jesus did that.

In LOOK magazine a Unitarian pastor said, “We repudiate the doctrine of the virgin birth and do not believe Jesus is: God incarnate (in flesh), the second person of the trinity, the Messiah of Jewish hope or of Christian fantasy. Also, Jesus is not the final arbitrator at the end of time who shall judge the quick and the dead.”1

Fantasy suggests an unreal illusion with no basis in reality like Mickey Mouse in Fantasyland. Why do Unitarians accept Jesus’ golden rule from the Bible but not thousands of his other words such as: “I am the way, truth and life; nobody comes to the Father [who is in heaven] but my me?” (John 14:6).

How can one be a Christian without knowing Christ? Jesus and the Bible are “fantasy” according to Unitarian leaders so they obviously are not Christians.  Jesus is the only way to heaven not one of many equally good ways such as self effort, Mary,  Muhammad or a certain church.  We do not clean ourselves outside the shower or wait until we are well before visiting a doctor. Also, we do not try to clean up our lives before coming to Jesus for forgiveness. We come just as we are, sin and all. The heart of our problems is the human heart.

Here is the gospel: God is just so our death penalty for sin had to be paid by us in hell or by Jesus, our innocent substitute. If I was guilty and sentenced to hang but someone loved me and volunteered to hang in my place to pay my death penalty, I could go free. Jesus was innocent but he hung on the cross as our substitute. God does not send people to hell; they go there by their own choice.

The way of salvation is not rocket science. It is a Down-to-Earth-Message of Jesus coming down to earth from heaven to save us from our sins.  Sin and death were passed to us by Adam and Eve but Jesus came to forgive our sins and give eternal life.

Christians are not perfect but forgiven and will never attain sinless perfection in this life. Most families have rebellious individuals who want their own way and the same applies to the family of God. When we ask God to forgive our sins we are born again, born of the Spirit from above and adopted into His family. We are then babes in Christ and after years of stumbling learn to walk uprightly with God. When people receive Presidential pardons, no record is kept of past offenses. God pardons us of all our sins when we repent and does not remember them anymore. Repentance is a U-turn on the road of life. No church can save us from our sins but they can point us to the Savior. Unitarians cannot do that since their Jesus is mere fantasy similar to Christian Science which says he is an illusion.

Imagine walking in a flower garden with a blind person trying to explain to him the beautiful sight. Non-Christians are mentally blinded by sin and spiritually dead. In Greek, bios refers to natural life and zoe refers to eternal spiritual life. Artificial flowers look real but they have no life. The death rate is one per person and we are one heartbeat from eternity. Accept Christ’s forgiveness and your name will be written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Pray, God be merciful to me a sinner. I accept you, Jesus, as my Savior. Forgive my sins,  Amen.

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