L. Ron Hubbard (1911-86), founder with a deity complex, was a science fiction writer then concluded his fiction is fact and started his church. He taught that people have engrams on their souls like barnacles on a ship as a result of traumatic moments in millions of past lives. An E-meter, like a lie detector, audit reveals the patient’s condition and study courses costing up to $150,000 make him psychologically “clear,” free from engrams so he can move up the stepladder of enlightenment. It is clear they are not clear. Their main book is the pocket book, the wallet, not the Bible. They say there is no such thing as sin or evil so Jesus and salvation are unnecessary. Their false Christ is just an avatar, a teacher, equal to Buddha. Like Mormonism, they say humans originated in a pre-existent state of deity. The whole belief system is repackaged Hinduism with reincarnation that teaches we return in millions of lives until we get it right but Jesus got it right for us on the cross.
    Time Magazine, May 6, 1991, called it a Cult of Greed & Power: “They buy massive quantities of their own books from retail stores to propel titles to best-seller lists. Hubbard’s ‘doctorate’ from Sequoia University is a fake mail-order degree. It is a school of psychopaths and their so-called therapies are manipulations. The church, a ruthless global scam, is a hugely profitable racket that survives by intimidating members and critics in a Mafia-like manner.” Run, don’t walk to the nearest exit since you are headed for hell which has no exits.
    I heard of a strong blacksmith who could break any chain except those he made. He ended in jail bound in chains waiting for a chance to break free. At midnight, with no guards in sight, he was ready to escape. Looking at his chain he noticed his own trademark and knew it was unbreakable. He had made his own chain.
    We weave our own webs and make our own chains of demonic bondage by dabbling in New Age witchcraft, booze, gambling, drugs, sex outside of marriage, gluttony, homosexuality, greed, smoking, debt, Jehovah’s Witnessism, Mormonism, Word Faith, Freemasonry, Branhamism, Scientology, Adventism, cult of Mary, horoscopes and other false belief systems. Pray, God be merciful to me a sinner. Deliver me from self indulgence to seek the living God. I confess my sins and accept Christ as Saviour. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Click on the New Age article for info on reincarnation. Hubbard borrowed from that belief system.

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