Article Sections

1. They stopped demanding more and more:
2. They stopped cloning each other:
3. They stopped their dictator/doormat relationship:
4. They stopped living in the past:
5. They stopped their suicidal/homicidal lifestyles:
6. They stopped a fantasy lifestyle of living on credit:
7. They stopped criticizing and correcting each other:
8. They stopped complaining and lightened up:
9. They accepted Christ and set a good example:
10. They stopped association with non-Christian cults:
        a) Mormons
        b) Jehovah's Witnesses
        c) 7th Day Adventists
        d) Freemasonry
        e) New Age
        f) Word Faith
        g) Catholics


    A broken barometer in John’s and Mary’s unhappy home registered STORMY 24 hours a day. The magic was gone and life in their self-made purgatory was unbearable as their only recreation was blame games but both were emotionally drained and secretly longed for refreshing winds of change. The dream-boat became a battleship and her Knight in Shining Armour was tarnished but not beyond redemption.
    In the dog house, John thought he could learn something from dogs that do not complain about food, unruly children, lack of money or anything else. He also thought due respect should be given the one who brings home the bacon and dog food. Truly, marriage was the first union to defy management.
    Mary, sitting in the eye of the hurricane, also had a brain- wave then the light bulb came on. She concluded nothing would change if both did not stop doing certain things and thinking the same negative thoughts. Dripping with acid and snarling like junkyard dogs would not bring reconciliation in their cold war. When there is a stalemate in relationships with no verbal communication we might ask, “Which mate is stale?”
    A strong blacksmith could break almost any chain except those he made himself. One day he ended in jail bound with chains waiting for an opportunity to escape. With no guards in sight he made his move but could not break free then noticed his own trademark on the chain he made himself. Some habits and addictions we carefully crafted over years are impossible to break by ourselves but all things are possible with God. An Eat, Drink & be Merry lifestyle forges the strongest chains. Some say men are incomplete until marriage then they are finished. Others say women are incomplete until marriage then they are finished. All must take responsibility for their own negative actions.
    A person who does not want to pay traffic fines or die in an accident must stop speeding and one who does not want to develop cancer must stop smoking and drinking and people who want to save their marriages must stop acting like wrecking crews. Some expect to get to heaven sooner by smoking or by eating too much? As a last resort, John and Mary called a cease-fire in their homicidal, suicidal, no-win war of words and agreed that stopping destructive negative behaviour would leave a vacuum unless they started doing positive things. John poured coffee and Mary brought out cookies then listed 10 things they had to STOP to bring peace to their troubled home. After much heart work confrontation turned into cooperation and they lived happily ever after. The same can happen to you.

1. They stopped demanding more and more:

    Happiness is not having what you like but liking what you have. We don’t need all things to enjoy life for God gave us life to enjoy all things. To live happily ever after, do not be after too much. Some “earn wages and put it into a bag with holes” (Haggai 1:6). Someone asked billionaire oil tycoon, Rockefeller, “How much money would it take to make you happy?” He replied, “Just a little bit more.” More is never enough for high maintenance people. Some have too little interest in each other and pay too much interest at the bank. They love the purse and the posh not the person. Some strive to attain the FINER things of life with no thought of the FINEST things, that which is spiritual.
    Love is blind but marriage is the eye-opener. True love is not just a feeling but also a commitment. In marriage we commit ourselves to love in good times and bad. Feelings ebb and flow but true love lasts forever. Infatuation and true love are as far removed as east is from west. You can give without loving but cannot love without giving.
    Most marriages are politically correct. Politicians make promises but forget after elections. We promise “to love in sickness or health, richer or poorer until death” but forget unconditional love after marriage. Now, love is based on performance as we raise the bar like a high-jump competition. I have never seen a hearse with a U-Haul trailer behind. A demanding critical spirit and long to-do lists will also kill a marriage. The last thing a Captain wants is a list on his ship for he knows it will sink. For a marriage to last, Jesus must be the invisible means of support so don’t wait for a hearse to take you to church. Old age is not about getting everything but about losing everything except your soul. How much does the world weigh? To find out ask a single mother. If you know one be sure to help her.
    Grass might look greener on the other side of the fence but even that grass must be mowed. Psalm 23 speaks of green pastures but in context David referred to paths of righteousness and a restored soul not material possessions. One can be “rich and increased with goods but miserable, poor, blind and naked” (Revelation 3:17). Beware of unrealistic expectations. I know some longshoremen who often worked triple shifts, 24 hours, but also paid triple taxes, triple alimony and some had triple heart bypass operations from the stress of it all.
    What shall it profit a man if he gains the world and loses his own soul or his own wife? Attention, you financial wizards, that is gain without profit! God measures us with the tape measure around our hearts not our wallets. Never mind Rock & Roll; get Jesus in your soul. Why burn rubber in the fast lane while going the wrong way? Jesus is the only way to heaven not one of many equally good ways (John 14:6). Prophets speak for God but Jesus spoke as God. Chronic fatigue syndrome is common in our sleep deprived, fast lane, fast food lifestyles with no time out.
    Jesus said, “Come apart and rest a while” (Mark 6:31). We should adjust our schedules before our health and marriages come apart. At times parents call for a Time Out with unruly children but often it is the parents who need a time out of the house for a break. Nobody can possibly survive if he is needed 24/7 by others. When crowd pressure became too great even Jesus got into a boat and went to the other side of the lake.

2. They stopped cloning each other:

    People don’t celebrate their differences but clone each other into his/her likeness without an attitude of gratitude. If two are duplicates, one is unnecessary. Be flexible and do not flex thinking you are always right. Insisting that others do things your way is not leadership but dictatorship. Submit to each other (Ephesians 5:21). Take a genuine interest in the things of others. If the husband likes golf he does not have to clone his wife into doing the same thing. However she should take an interest in it. If the wife likes shopping, the husband should go with her now and again whether he likes it or not. The Bible tells it like this, “A man should not only look on his own things but on the things of others” (Phil. 2:4). God made every snowflake different and he has a wonderful and different plan for every human so don’t try to shoe-horn others into your mould or culture. Doctors always try to separate conjoined twins. Why should anyone submit to be poured into your mould or mine? God broke the mould after he made you then he said, “Enough is enough. One is enough.”
    A lady at her rehearsal thought she would not recall the correct sequence of events at the wedding. The plan was to walk down the aisle to the altar then sing a hymn. At their wedding, standing at the altar, the groom heard her repeating quietly, “Aisle altar hymn.” He thought she would clone, groom, him later into her own likeness with an extreme makeover placing him into her strait-jacket of conformity and stifling all his creativity.

3. They stopped their dictator/doormat relationship:

    Both became controlling and suffocating in their dictator/doormat, master/slave relationship. Open the cage, cut the leash and set the captive free! Everyone needs some space, down time, a retreat from the routine. Men controlling women is part of the curse in The Garden of Eden (Gen. 3:16). Nagging means, death by a million cuts. Perfectionists set themselves up for failure since no human is perfect. Save your marriage for you will need it in old age. A parent spoke of her child, “She has a mind of her own!” What an amazing revelation! My son worked in an auto parts store where information on each part was stored in a large Main Frame, server, computer on the second floor. Computer monitors with no memory or brain stood on the parts counter but were connected to the main frame, the source of all information.
    Mean-spirited, divisive control freaks set themselves up as Main Frames and act as though all others are brain-dead monitors with no mind of their own. You can hear them during vociferous conversations as they butt in half way through someone’s sentence to finish it or drown them out with a loud voice. Beware of these virtually brain dead main frames. God gave us two ears and one mouth so we could listen twice as much as we talk. King Solomon said, “A fool is full of words” (Ecclesiastes 10:14). They should join Compulsive Talkers Anon Anon Anonymous. Toxic temper control is often used to manipulate others. The hotter the temper the greater the control but it always causes greater hostility, fear, raging and ulcers. In this regime of fear, minds become like concrete, all mixed up and firmly set. Be God’s mouth-peace by speaking peace in the midst of storms. It is easy to act like an angel if nobody ruffles your feathers.
    Most people have great self-control maintaining a friendly attitude in the work place but drip with acid when they come home to their families. The spouse at home usually cannot reconcile the contradictory public and private faces. Let us love in deed not only in word. The biblical description of love is found in 1 Cor. 13: “Love is patient, suffers long, is kind, not jealous, does not brag, is not arrogant, does not seek its own way, is not provoked, rejoices in righteousness and truth, does not dwell on past wrongs, bears and endures all things.”
    Domineering people with horrendous attitude problems act like Army Commanders. Their position of “Boss” is threatened if others do not submit. They might say, “Rome wasn’t built in one day but I wasn’t the foreman.” Ulcers are caused by what you eat or by what emotionally eats you. Some say “All truth is relative and my truth is as valid as yours.” If that is true, Hitler’s truth of killing all others is also valid. Non-negotiable absolute truth is only found in the Bible: “You shall not kill.” Who is the truth? Jesus is the truth, excluding all others (John 14:6). Einstein said, “Relativity refers to science not ethics.”

4. They stopped living in the past:

    Those with victim mentality are historical, always looking in the rear-view mirror of life digging up past dirt to throw during blame games. Past issues are like water under the bridge. Paul said to forget the past (Phil. 3:13). Look in the windshield of life and move forward. The Doe-Doe bird is extinct because it flew backwards. Like believers in evolution, it was more interested in where it came from than where it was going. Some remarry and use their previous hostile mismatched marriage as a pattern to destroy the present relationship. Change and heart work are needed. Some think good marriages must be fought for. Success in marriage, business and all other fields of endeavour is often found beyond Hill Difficulty and The Slough of Despond.
    Most people have bad memories of past traumatic experiences that caused much depression and heartache. While playing blame games, they retrieve and rerun those old tapes in their minds causing the same depression as the day it happened. Hind-sight is 20/20 but the future is like looking through a dark glass (1 Cor. 13:12). We walk by faith and not by sight. We cannot change anything in our past but we can confess our sins to God and ask our victims for forgiveness. God does not remember our past sins against us so why should we relive them again and again? To move on, disconnect from the past like dropping apron strings to become independent. David spoke to himself as he marinated in a pity-party and dark night of his soul, “Why are you cast down O my soul and why are you disquieted within me? Hope in God for I will praise him” (Psalms 42 & 51). Here we see God does not answer the “Why?” questions for he sees the big picture and we see just a snapshot in time.
    Job sat in ashes with boils as “comforters” accused him of wrong doing. He lost his family and possessions but received a double portion of the same after he prayed for his enemies (Job 42). You will self-destruct by working yourself into an altered state of consciousness with heart-pounding, gut-tightening terror while planning revenge against enemies. Like Job, pray they will come to their senses and to Christ for forgiveness then you will be able to put the whole issue behind you and move forward in life. Anger, like acid, does most harm to the container it is in. It is hard to let your light shine after blowing a fuse. Sorting out things of the past is as impossible as unscrambling eggs. Acting like a fused powder keg or spewing volcano of red hot lava produces more heat than light. Hostile bitter people can be like fire breathing dragons with “hell fire in their tongues” (James 3:6). We should be generous in forgiving others since God freely forgave us.
    If you upset a glass of water, water will flow out. Whatever is on the inside comes out when it is upset. You can tell what you have in your heart by what comes out of your mouth when you are upset. Paul and Silas were beaten and in stocks in jail and were very upset, but what came out? They prayed and sang praises unto God then a mighty earthquake shook the prison and the jailer was saved (Acts 16). Whatever goes into your mind settles in your heart and comes out in everyday life. We must hide the Word of God in our hearts. David said, “I hid your Word in my heart so I would not sin against you” (Psalm 119:11). We must put on the whole armour of God or we are a guaranteed casualty in spiritual warfare (Ephesians 6).
    Jesus promised, “In the world you shall have tribulation...” He then said, “Be of good cheer for I have overcome the world” (John 16:33). The Christian life is STORMY at times since we live in a cursed creation. Weeds still grow in our gardens, wars rage, hospitals are full but Jesus gives peace in the midst of the storm. Adversity makes us strong. Total healing for everyone provided by Jesus at Calvary finds its final fulfillment when Eden lost becomes Eden restored in Revelation 21.
    There will be no more crying, pain, abuse, sorrow or death in the new order. Until then we as pilgrims and strangers pass through the valley of the shadow of death but we fear no evil for God is with us. His rod and staff comfort us for we know we will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. This is what we see when we look in the windshield of life not in the rear-view mirror. One man said, “I am not concerned about hair loss for it will be restored in the hair-after.” The most sure thing about life is death so we must have our sins forgiven. Pray: God be merciful to me a sinner.

    One ship sails east and another sails west
    By the very same wind that blows
    It is not the gale but the set of sail
    That determines the way it goes

    Jesus spoke of two houses, one built on sand the other on rock but storms hit both (Matthew 7:24-29). We are not immune from storms because our houses are built on the Solid Rock, Christ Jesus. Even the disciples and Jesus were caught in storms but Jesus spoke to the wind and brought a great calm (Luke 8:24). The important thing is to call on the Lord in our marital storms. The disciples said to Jesus, “Master, Master, we perish.” Times of adversity can change our wishbone to backbone. The will of God is always reconciliation between separated and divorced people but this door is virtually closed if one gets married to another. See Matthew chapter 19 and 1 Corinthians chapter 7. Let’s love our enemies to set the stage for reconciliation.
    Let’s pray, “Lord Jesus, speak peace to troubled hearts now; draw near to those in prison, the sick, the lonely, and the troubled. Let not their hearts be troubled. Our help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth. Bring salvation to those who repent and turn from their sins; bring clarity to the confused, comfort to those who mourn and new life to the suicidal, Amen.

5. They stopped their suicidal/homicidal lifestyles:

    We don’t need Dr. Kevorkian’s suicide machine since we kill ourselves by drinking alcohol, sex and aids, smoking, worrying, raging, stress, drug & food addiction and reckless driving. The human race is suicidal in this stoned age. The heart of all problems is the human heart.
    We can also experience financial suicide if narcotically addicted to things, gambling and pleasure. King Solomon said, “He that loves pleasure shall be a poor man” (Proverbs 21:17). To some, life is just one big amusement park, eat, drink and be merry. There are many casualties in The Battle of the Bulge. Do you eat to live or live to eat? Obesity causes diabetes, amputation of limbs, cholesterol, high blood pressure, hypertension, insomnia and death. FATigue can be caused by too much fat. Carrying a 50 or 100 pound bag of flour all day is the same as carrying the same weight of extra fat but if you quit eating fat you will burn body fat. Bears in hibernation get thin since they do not eat. One study proved that smaller plates and food portions resulted in weight loss. Some try to lose weight by putting on all the weight they can then get thin carrying it around.
    A man intended to accept Jesus as his Saviour at his eleventh hour but he died at 10:30. The death-rate is one per-person; all are on death row so today is the day of salvation. I grew up on a farm in Rose Valley, Saskatchewan, Canada. One day in a car with Dad he pointed to a hearse and said, “That fellow has no crop failure!” After three score and ten, 70 years, we are in sudden-death overtime. At this time in a hockey game, a coach wants the best goalie. Also, in our game of life our best goalie is Jesus who made more saves than anyone (Matt. 1:21).
    We can be homicidal with second hand smoke and abortion which is murder in the embryonic stage. Do you expect to get to heaven sooner by smoking? As a former fetus, I am against abortion. How about you? A fetus is a child not a choice. Abortion is not an unpardonable sin in God’s sight for you can be forgiven and move forward in life. God forgave and used murderers like David, Moses and Paul. Most cannot handle this and other crises alone but need a support group at a local church as recovery can take years. God will forgive us when we repent but we must forgive ourselves. We must clean up our acts because “no drunkard, adulterer, murderer, fornicator, abuser, thief or idolater will enter the Kingdom of God” (1 Cor. 6:9-11). Insanity is repeating the same act and expecting a different result. That is a sure way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
    All alcoholics started as social drinkers who could “control their drinking.” An ex-alcoholic said, “I didn’t quit drinking; I just changed fountains!” He went from the sauce to the cross, from the bottle to the Bible. Some think alcohol is a stimulant but it is a depressant. Every drop destroys brain cells so the victim becomes progressively more brain dead. If you travel alone in your car intending to return by yourself you are the designated driver. The strict rule of a Designated Driver is No Alcohol. “Wine is a mocker; strong drink is raging. Whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise” (Proverbs 20:1).
    God created Adam & Eve not Adam & Steve (Genesis 1:27). Homosexuals live an average of 39 years due to destroyed immune systems and aids caused by sexual perversion. Some say their homosexuality is inborn. If you had a family member who claimed predisposition to alcohol from birth, would you encourage and normalize his satanic impulses by filling the fridge with booze or would you send him to Alcoholics Anonymous? These conditions are symptoms of unnatural affection and screwed up thinking by reprobate, darkened minds that go in reverse so right is wrong and wrong is right (Romans 1:16-32; Leviticus 18:22-30).
    If you try to drown your sorrows, you will find the devils can swim. The Lord giveth the liver but the alcohol taketh away. A saloon is called a bar - a bar to all that’s true and brave - a door to every drunkard’s grave - a bar to heaven, a door to hell, whoever named it named it well. Champagne at night gives real pain in the morning. At times it seems like inmates run the asylum and the circus is run from the monkey cage. Some think freedom is found by cutting themselves off from God. This vain attempt to fill their God-shaped vacuum leaves them bound in self-destructing habits. Gambling destroys incentive for its principle is to get money you have not earned. Cyber sex by internet or other pornographic channels destroys both soul and marriage for it represents impersonal perverted intimacy with no personal human relationship.
    It starts when you sink in his arms and ends in a sinking spell with arms in the sink and the attitude of gratitude goes out the window. Millions of hungry people in the world wish they had a sink and a dirty dish. Many try to get their spirit from the bottle rather than the Bible and end up drinking at the world’s cracked cisterns. Others will never stiffen up with arthritis for they carry extra joints with them. The God-shaped vacuum in our lives can only be filled by Jesus. Material things briefly satisfy the body but only Jesus can satisfy the soul. Never mind Rock & Roll. Get Jesus in your soul!

6. They stopped a fantasy lifestyle of living on credit:
    Making a living is like playing golf; you drive hard for the green and end up in the hole. If you are in a hole, stop digging! Life is like a coin; spend it any way you wish but you spend it only once. The way you spend your days is how you spend your life. Some are like hunters, looking for big bucks then end up in a debt trap. One hunter said, “After four shots the bottle is empty.” “Until debt we do part” is the story of many marriages. If your money outflow is like the Niagara River your inflow must be like Niagara Falls or you will end in financial suicide. Owning dogs and cats can lift a person out of poverty. I have a dog that picks up money all along the street, a scent here and a scent there. Cat owners get money out of the Kitty
    In his State of the Union address, 2002, President George W. Bush said, “The good we do is more important than goods we accumulate and our goals must be larger than self. We used to say, ‘If it feels good do it’ but now we say, ‘Let’s Roll.’” Many times our work and debt loads exceed our load-limits like putting ten tons on a one ton truck causing physical and emotional breakdown. We become dehumanized human-doings not human beings. All work and no pray or play makes a person very dull. To freeze your Visa account put the card in a can of water in the freezer then the urge to buy something will be over by the time it thaws out. This actually works. Try it! Noah let his stock float when all others went under.
    I walked out of a mall and met an unhappy spendaholic walking in. I said, “There is nothing left to buy. The shelves are empty.” She answered, “Then I’ll buy the shelves!” Obviously, she had a black belt in shopping and was ready to shop till she dropped. Those with shopping bolemia buy and return goods to avoid paying. The best way to increase your face value is to smile. Marriage means you wish to share not waste your lives, time and money. Many are penny wise and pound foolish. If we cannot pay today’s bills today, how can we pay today’s and tomorrow’s bills tomorrow? Broke, is the Canadian and American way. One man said, “God never gave me a helping hand.” He could not see that God gave him one on the end of each arm. If you are pushing age 25 or 30 it is time to get some ambition. Santa Claus ended up in jail charged with stocking.

7. They stopped criticizing and correcting each other:
    Always find faith rather than fault. A Centurion spoke to Jesus about healing his servant. Jesus answered, “I have not found so great faith in all Israel” (Matthew 8:10). Some domineering people think their way is the only way but most things can be done in a dozen right ways. A child or adult who is criticized will become fearful and end up doing nothing for fear of criticism. A husband who criticizes his wife’s cooking soon finds himself making Kraft Dinner. An acrimonious wife who finds fault with the way her husband mows the lawn soon finds herself doing the job. If fault finding persists the victim will soon depart the suffocating protocol and sit in a bar to get some space. If you give positive reinforcement and praise after doing poorly or well others will do better next time but if you find fault they will give up. The largest room in the world is the room for improvement and we are all in that crowded room. Be God’s mouth-peace by breaking old patterns of habits, mood swings and verbal sniping. No good deed ever goes unpunished but do the deed anyway. Old ingrained habits die hard so be patient. If you are always harping you might be an angel!
    Build bridges not walls by saying, “This is such good food; you should have a culinary award.” Honey, thank you very much for all your hard work.” Never use the words, “I told you so...”or “We should’ve done this or that” or “If only...” Speak softly and kindly not as an infallible walking encyclopedia who knows everything. Tell your wife or husband, “Here’s some money. This is your day off so visit friends or go shopping. You need a break from me and the sink.” If you smother your spouse and keep him/her on a leash or in a virtual cage he/she will soon break free. Never ask him/her where they went. If it is any of your business they will tell you. When you spouse talks on the phone, go to another room for all need some privacy.
    Try to live magnanimously every day. This word means “be generous in overlooking injury or insult, rising above pettiness and meanness, noble.” Forsake your rageaholic attitude and replace a hair-trigger temper with patience and kindness. Criticism produces super-size insecure victims since they develop the nervous habit of constantly medicating their emotions with food that goes from lip to hip. A dysfunctional relationship with food is a ticking time-bomb that produces excessive heart-attack fat, diabetes, blindness and death.
    In Los-Angeles there is a whole city block of psychiatrists and other head-shrinkers that is known as the Mental Block. They invented a new way to dissolve disagreements by simply exchanging glasses with your spouse. He will then see everything from her point of view and she will see things from his viewpoint. They are then guaranteed to live happily ever after.
    As Jesus taught life lessons he sometimes pointed to simple things such as “fowls of the air” (Matt. 6:26).
That reminds me of a story:
    As snow melted and the sun shone a V-shaped flock of geese honked as they flew north to nesting grounds. The lead goose kept his mouth shut as he broke through snow, rain and darkness while the others honked encouragement as they followed. Do you know why they honk? In goose language it means, “You are doing a good job; we are proud of you; thanks for staying on the right path, Honk, Honk.” There could have been disunity in the flock and pulled out the leader’s tail feathers but they worked together. The husband leads in his role and so does the wife. If you find fault and do not honk encouragement your goose is cooked!
    We need three homes: The home where we live, a church home and a heavenly home. Some intended to raise a family but raise hell instead. Nagging is death by a million cuts. Beware of “tattlers and busybodies” who think they have all the answers but do more harm than good (1 Timothy 5:11-15).

8. They stopped complaining and lightened up:

    Complaining is the spice of life for dysfunctional people. John worked from 9 to 5 until 65 then came to the empty nest, couch potato stage of life and joined Do-Little & Sitmore in other words, retired. He spent most of his time doing the impersonations of bread, loafing. Shooting from the lip, their war of words shifted to high gear including in-laws and outlaws. Mary had accepted him for better or worse not for lunch but now was bogged down with cooking while he sat. At times she did not express her feelings but body language and silent scorn told the story as she stomped in the kitchen and negative vibes filled the house. John boasted he could get a strike every time in bowling by pretending the pins are his wife’s relatives. Throw caution to the wind and break out with a smile! Do not always ask God to get you out of a situation but rather let Him into the situation. One look from some people would stop a clock or extinguish the Olympic flame!
    Stop complaints and give compliments. At times people use silence and negative body language to convey messages thinking their spouse is a mind reader so it is time to sharpen our communication skills. Can you imagine the boredom of cooking seven days a week? Take your wife on a date and don’t spend all on cars and machinery. Let’s lighten up, act magnanimously and not take ourselves too seriously. To laugh hilariously from now until kingdom come just laugh at your own mistakes. A woman rarely smiled then said, “The Bible says in the last days we shall have tribulation so I will tribulate.” Her attitude reflected a person marinated in vinegar. Do you marinate in a pity party working yourself into an altered state of consciousness? You have a face so you have something to give, a smile and a kind word. One couple married on a roller-coaster to prepare for expected ups and downs. At times all is not well in paradise behind a facade of polished exteriors.
    Do you know how they train auctioneers? The course lasts 10 days. The problem with most is their tongues and faces are too stiff to speak rapidly enough to get the crowd into an altered mental state. They put 10 marbles in your mouth then talk for eight hours to make the voice apparatus more flexible. Each day of the course they take one marble out of your mouth and you keep talking and by the tenth day you have none left. I graduated with flying colors at the top of the class after losing all my marbles. I now sell sand to Arabs and ice to Eskimos.
    Mary continued complaining about their small house so they bought a humungus house. Now she complained that it was too much work to keep it clean. Walking by a Recreational Vehicle lot they browsed among the units and found one they could not live without. Later I saw them sitting in their motor home. He was all smiles but she looked tired and unhappy.
    “How do you like this new lifestyle?”
    John, broadly smiling, replied, “This is like dying and going to heaven. I like getting away from it all.”
    “Mary, how do you like it?”
    Pointing toward the back, she complained, “Look, there is the bed, stove, sink and my personal dish rag. It’s just more of the same. John leaves all his tools at home but I continue in the same rut. I need a break.” It’s amazing, we spend most of our lives trying to get all things then spend fortunes trying to get away from it all. Women usually live longer than men for it takes them longer to get ready!

9. They accepted Christ and set a good example:

    A father went to a bar after a new fall of snow. Soon his young son showed up and said, “Your footsteps in the snow led me here.” In most cases parents have modeled for their wayward children teaching them how to walk but not where to walk. Do our footsteps lead others down the slippery slope to a Christless eternity or to church and heaven? Will footprints we leave lead others to believe? Our deeds must harmonize with our creeds. Some have beer in the fridge and take children into liquor stores with no thought of attending Sunday School. Remember, you are raising adults not children. Why burn rubber in the fast lane if you travel the wrong way? Jesus is the way (John 14:6). People with no boundaries or discipline at home later have difficulty adjusting to a work place with a boss or to any code of decency in society. Some parents with no conscience who live the low life use below-the-belt, Jay Lenno, humour in the presence of children. They reach an altered state of consciousness from alcohol then laugh as they self destruct. “Even in laughter their heart is heavy and sorrowful” (Proverbs 14:13). “We expect better from you, those things that accompany salvation” (Hebrews 6:9). Christians should be people of self discipline and refinement.
    A wife who does not obey the Word of God can be won to Christ “without the Word by her husband’s Christian example (1 Peter 3:1-4). In other words, he does not have to force-feed her with scripture. The same applies to a disobedient husband. Your lifestyle speaks so loudly that others cannot hear what you say. Preach all the time using words only when necessary.
    Some become Christians after hearing the gospel for years then expect their unbelieving spouse to respond immediately. In these cases one must testify by his love, his life and later by his lips, his words. If a person grows up in a home with no communication he will carry the same pattern into his marriage. One cannot keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result. Honk encouragement! The strength in a tea bag is brought out with hot water and our inner strength as Christians should show up when we find ourselves in difficult situations..
    In this STONED AGE the generation gap is between the ears of both young and old. Some rebel against good and others rebel against evil. Stand for Christ or fall for anything. Daniel in the Bible rebelled against evil by neither drinking the king’s wine nor bowing to his images. He prayed when prayer was banned and was thrown into a lion’s den but God closed the lion’s mouth. This teenage rebel was promoted to President. If you want to get ahead in life use the head on your shoulders, rebel against negative peer pressure and serve Jesus.
    In what way do we mould our youth? Jesus, the Master Potter, desires to fashion us into vessels he can use. Bread will mould and rot in the wrong atmosphere. With no spiritual emphasis youth will be pressed into a worldly mould and become part of the eROTic generation. A 4-letter word vocabulary shows mouths are like open sewers flowing from an unclean heart. At times we hear that Big Brother is watching us but what about Big Father in heaven watching us?

10. They stopped association with non-Christian cults:


    People sometimes think they struck it rich searching for gold but later find it is fool’s gold, iron pyrite. In search of true Christianity and a new start many are deceived by cults, wolves in sheep’s clothing, such as Mormons, New Age and Word Faith. These three cults see their Gods when they look in a mirror. The best way to find out if a man is a God or not is to ask his wife. A suitable slogan for them is: “In Gods We Trust.” All cultists are Satanists for Satan is the author of all their belief systems. How can you tell if a cultist is lying? If his lips are moving he is lying. The same sun that melts butter hardens clay. If a person does not respond to the gospel of Christ his heart will become hardened and might end up in the cult kingdom.

Mormons:     All teachings of Mormon founder, Joseph Smyth, are myth. They mythed the boat. There is not even a toe bone of archaeological or historical evidence for the Book of Mormon with over 4,000 changes since 1820 and no maps. It says Mormonism alone is the true restored church and all others, you and I, are “the whore of earth” (1 Nephi 14:10). Hubbard, Scientology founder, was a science fiction writer then like Joseph Smith said his fiction was fact. Their false Jesus is “the brother of Satan a polygamist with at least three wives and their gods are men of flesh and bones.” The Christian God, The Father, is invisible Spirit with neither flesh nor bones (John 4:24; Luke 24:39).
    Mormons claim to be “Gods and Goddesses in embryo” but Christianity has one God who is not a man (1 Cor. 8:1-6; Hosea 11:9). Where does a Mormon look to see God? Answer: In a mirror! The best way to find out if a man is a God or not is to ask his wife! In this colossal hoax, they take Christian words and pour their meanings into them. Talking to them you think you are on the same page but are light years apart. Their fictitious heaven has three levels: telestial, terrestrial and celestial. Only celestialized, Temple Mormons wearing special under garments like long johns enter the top level with multiple wives who are eternally pregnant bearing spirit children but all others, Lutherans, Baptists, Satanists, Catholics, Pentecostals etc., are damned in two hottest lower levels.” Their false priesthood consists of mortal men but in Christianity Jesus is our Great High Priest (Heb. 4:14).
    The Book of Mormon, Ether 2:20, says the first Mormons came from Israel about 600 BC in boats with holes in both top and bottom and populated the Americas. With a hole in the bottom no wonder there is no archaeological evidence they ever arrived. Mormons say American Indians are descendants of these Lamanites from Israel but DNA of 150 tribes shows they originated in Asia not Israel. There is no person, map, place or artifact to validate the Book of Mormon so they trust unreliable feelings. After prayer, they receive a “burning in the bosom” that convinces them it is true. Pizza can give the same heartburn! They pray to their false gods, demons, and get false answers and “devilish wisdom that is not from above” (James 3:15). Israel and surrounding countries are replete with evidence that validates the Bible including thousands of manuscripts, archaeological artifacts and fulfilled prophecies but there is not a toe-bone of evidence to validate The Book of Mormon.
    Mormons find fault by pointing to the many denominations in Christianity but they have hundreds of divisions, four in Independence, Missouri alone: Church of Christ Temple Lot, Reorganized LDS, LDS (Utah group) & Fundamental LDS. Each claims the others are of the devil.
For details click on Mormonism on this website.

Jehovah’s Witnesses: Cults are masters at shredding families. If a husband swallows Jehovah’s Witnesses lies but his wife does not, he will be pressured to leave with his children for a more suitable partner at the Kingdom Hell. Cults are the many faces of the same devil. They use Christian words but pour their meanings into them to deceive. I judged their teachings by the Bible and found it is all lies. They printed The New World Perversion of the Bible and made it say what they want it to say. They claim, “Jesus is a god” not The God (John 1:1). The Watchtower, April 1/79, says Jesus is mediator only for 144,000 so JW’s are like Atheists with no mediator. This non-prophet organization set seven different dates for world’s end but nothing happened. Their false Christ is Michael the Archangel and salvation is by works but in Christianity it is a free gift (Ephesians 2:8-10). Many lords & Gods refers to heathen idols (1 Cor. 8:1-6).
    These brainwashed subhuman serial killers make human sacrifices by denying them blood transfusions. All biblical references to blood refer to animal blood. 50 years ago thousands of their followers died since vaccinations were forbidden but later changed their minds. They also flip-flopped on their teaching that organ transplant is cannibalism. For 50 years they taught the 144,000 is an earthly class but now it is a heavenly class. So much for “The Sole Channel of Truth.” It is all true lies!
    We are “Christ’s Witnesses” in this New Testament time (Acts 1:8; 5:42; 26:22,23; John 1:29). CHRISTIANITY is all about Christ. Acts 4:10-12 says, “Only the name JESUS can save from sin” so all the talk about the name JEHOVAH is in vain.
    These inquisitors are against bearing arms but are quick to call men with guns, police, when their kingdom is threatened. Police maintain order within nations and armies protect the innocent from aggressive murderous nations (Romans 13). The Bible commands “You shall not murder.” True love protects the innocent so there are just wars and all killing is not murder, also called justifiable homicide. The law for capital punishment was never repealed: “If you shed man’s blood, your blood will be shed by man” (Genesis 9:6). “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” means the punishment fits the crime. In other words do not kill a person for knocking out a tooth.
For details click on Jehovah’s Witnesses on this website.

7th Day Adventists: This Doomsday cult is based totally on false prophecy so is self destructing. They pontificate in deceptive Revelation seminars masquerading as reliable Bible teachers but lost their compass in 1844 when Jesus did not return as predicted. They should read their tea leaves again. When it started, the first casualty was truth. False prophesying is like shooting an arrow into a tree then painting a bull’s eye around it. 278 of the 404 verses in Revelation are from the Old Testament so one cannot be understood without the other.


    Sabbath observance was a memorial of creation (Exodus 31:16-17). Later, it was a celebration of Israel’s deliverance from Egyptian slavery (Deuteronomy 5:15). In the New Testament it was fulfilled by Jesus in the rest we have in Christ (Hebrews 4). Here we see throughout history it was celebrated for different reasons: first, creation; second, the exodus from Egypt and third our rest in Christ. “Wicked are like a troubled see that cannot rest but casts up mire and dirt” (Isaiah 57:20).
    “Don’t judge in meat, drink or Sabbaths that are a shadow, a symbol, of the reality found in Christ” (Col.2:16,17). At an airport, a large shadow crossed my path. Looking up, I saw a jumbo jet, something greater than its shadow. The Sabbath rest was a shadow of Jesus who was to come and give us eternal rest (Hebrews 4). Dietary laws were fulfilled by the Bread of Life, Jesus. Adventists put all emphasis on symbols and forget what they symbolize. Pharisee means “separate.” They were separated by clothes, food and days and also from sinners but Jesus was a friend of sinners. Neither the Pope nor anyone else changed the Saturday Sabbath to Sunday. Early disciples and most Christians today worship on the first day of the week to celebrate the resurrection of Christ (Acts 20:7; 1 Cor. 16:2).
    God told Israel to keep the Passover forever (Exodus 12:14). Jesus fulfilled it for he is our Passover lamb sacrificed for us (1 Cor. 5:7). The Passover feast continues today in a different form, the communion service, with grape juice as a symbol of his blood (1 Cor. 11:25).
    The children of Israel were told to keep the Sabbath forever as a memorial of their deliverance from Egypt (Deut. 5:15). Sabbath continues today in a different form, our rest in Christ for our souls (Heb.4:1-12; Matt. 11:28,29). Adventists, in the shadows, adhere to symbols but forget the substance, Jesus. Sabbath points to Jesus not to a day on the calendar but a remembrance of Israel’s deliverance from Egypt by the Passover Lamb, Jesus (Deut. 5:15). It is not a legalistic prescription to relax on a certain day but like the Passover it is a celebration of a Person, Jesus, the substance that fulfills the symbol.
    Come out of shadows into the Light. There is a vast difference between abolishing law and fulfilling it. Love fulfills the law. If you love someone you will not kill him. “You shall not kill [murder]” is fulfilled in this way. True love protects the innocent so it is within the law to have police and armies to subdue criminals and murderous nations. Rulers do not bear the sword in vain (Romans 13:4).
    We must distinguish between killing and murder. Some think the moral law was abolished but have a rude awakening in jail when they are caught. It was written in our conscience long before the time of Moses (Romans 2:14,15). “Whosoever sheds man’s blood by man shall his blood be shed” (Genesis 9:6). Civil, dietary, and ceremonial laws were fulfilled. Adventists are like Jews and others who keep feasts and Sabbaths not realizing they were fulfilled.


    Adventists have the same false Christ as Jehovah’s Witnesses, Michael, and believe in soul sleep and annihilation at death. Michael is one of many “Chief Princes” (Daniel 10:13), but Jesus is God’s only Son who created all things (John 1:3). People are alive and conscious and their existence is not interrupted during sleep. After death, the rich man and Lazarus were conscious (Luke 16:22-31). Souls/spirits are “carried by angels” to places of comfort or torment at death (v.22). Humans are “body, soul and spirit” (1 Thess. 5:23). Read about false Christs, spirits and gospels in 2 Cor. 11:4.
    We have material and immaterial natures, our inner and outer man (2 Cor. 4:16). After death, Christians are absent from their bodies present with the Lord, conscious in heaven (2 Cor. 5:8; Rev. 6:9-11; 20:4). At resurrection, we “put on immortality” by receiving glorified, visible bodies of flesh and bones (Phil. 3:21;1 Cor. 15:54). When Jesus returns with his saints, souls and resurrected bodies reunite (1 Thess. 3:13). “Graves (mnamei in Greek) were opened and bodies of saints that slept arose” (Matt. 27:52). Notice that bodies slept not souls. Hell is not the grave for they are translated from different Greek words. Jesus raised Lazarus from his grave, mnamei, not from his hades.
    Man can kill the body but not the soul (Matt. 10:28). A person’s soul is IN him (Psalm 42:5). At Calvary, Jesus’ spirit departed to the Father and he preached to spirits, not bodies, in prison between his death and resurrection (Luke 23:46; 1 Peter 3:18,19). How could he preach to spirits if they were annihilated?
    Disembodied souls of people beheaded for the witness of Jesus are alive, conscious and speaking at the throne of God (Revelation 6:9-11;20:4). Adventists obviously study the bible with eyes wide shut, blinded by legalistic prescriptions. Moses and Elijah appeared with Jesus thousands of years after death (Matthew 17:1-4). Adventists, like Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses, claim they are the only true church, the remnant, and all others will bite the dust at Armageddon. All churches have one thing in common, none can save from sin. “Jesus saves” (Matt. 1:21).
    “Judge” everything you hear or read by comparing it with God’s standard the Bible (Acts 17:11; 1 Cor. 14:29). God does not contradict himself by saying something in Scripture then give a contradictory message by some false prophet, vision or dream. Do not judge hypocritically beholding a speck in another’s eye with a beam in yours (Matt. 7:1-5; John 7:24). Some talk Christianity by the mile and live it by the inch as deeds do not harmonize with creeds.
More info click on 7th Day Adventists on this website.

Freemasonry: In American & Canadian Lodges this cult has a square & compass and a Bible but in a Muslim country they use their holy book, the Koran, and in a Buddhist Lodge they use their Holy Book. Any god will do as they blend with all false belief systems but Christianity rejects them all. Jesus is The Way not one of many equally good ways. When a person is blindfolded and initiated he has to confess he is in darkness seeking light. How can a Christian who knows Jesus, The Light of the World, say he is in darkness?
    They swear an oath to conceal and not reveal Masonic secrets. The penalty for revealing is cutting your throat from ear to ear and pulling out the tongue or tying you at water’s edge at low tide. Their secrets are from slight of mind and overactive imaginations. Christianity has neither secrets nor cut throats. Masons say their Lodge is not a religion but has the same things as a church: Letter “G” refers to God, prayers, temples, meetings, funerals and 33 degrees of ritual. Resurrection and eternal life are represented by evergreen in the Celestial Lodge above, heaven. The have the Bible or any so-called Holy Book and some higher power. The Atheist, Buddha, who did not believe in any God is just as acceptable as Jesus.
For more details, click on Freemasonry on this website.

New Age: There is nothing new about the New Age Movement for it is old Hinduism repackaged for western consumption complete with false gods and reincarnation. They do not focus outwardly on Jesus and Calvary but to an imaginary “Christ consciousness within.” Like Christian Science, they do not distinguish between Creator and creation for God is “all and in all.” If God is all then I am also God. Their salvation is by works as they claim to return reincarnated in thousands of lives doing good works until they get it right but Jesus got it right the first time for us at Calvary.
    Some New Age tools, doorways, for Satan to enter and oppress and possess you are: Tarot cards, ouija boards, seances, hypnotism, astral projection, channeling, yoga, meditation with blank minds, Urantia book, Harry Potter materials, rage, booze, drugs and cult brainwashing. The Scientology cult is based on science fiction and teaches reincarnation just like New Age. See Scientology on this website.
    May 6, 2005: I stood on a street in Abbotsford, BC. with a Jesus sign. Soon a young lady dressed in black grabbed my cross, broke it in several pieces, threw it into traffic and walked home. Later, on her driveway, the witch turned to me saying, “Satan lives here!” then continued in a state of rage ordering me off her property.
    As a last resort she threatened to turn two pit bulls loose to drive me away. I said, “Bring them on! Dogs are my friends.” She opened her high fence gate and roared, “Attack! Attack!” Her dogs ran up to me and I petted one of them then extended my hand and said, “In Jesus Name.” She became quiet and walked down the street. Jesus can close mouths of lions, witches or dogs. All cultists are Satanists for Satan is the author of their belief systems. “Resist the devil and he will run” (James 4:7).
For details: Click New Age on this website.

Word Faith: Ken Copeland and others have taken lies and fairy tales to a new level claiming to create things by their words but only the Creator can speak creative words. Ken says, “You don’t have a God in you; you are one. God is six feet tall 200 pounds with a hand-span of 9 inches like himself and Jesus suffered under Satan and was born again in Hell.”
    In contrast, atonement was completed on the cross not in hell. He further lied, “Moses’ serpent on the pole in Numbers 21:1-9 shows Jesus took the nature of Satan on the cross.” Here we see the Word Faith saviour is Satan. He also says to pray to yourself. He sees his God in a mirror. He said: “God is the greatest failure of all time after losing Adam & Eve and control of the universe.” Man lost self control but God had full control even sending a flood when man became too wicked.
    Word Faith has its roots in Christian Science which says sickness, sin and death are illusions. These inquisitors follow a culture of death and make human sacrifices by ignoring symptoms of disease. They say “Symptoms are devilish decoys to make you give a negative confession” but they are early warnings of health problems. To be saved, one must confess negatively that he is a sinner and the sick likewise confess their problem (James 5:14). After presiding over a few human sacrifices they become desensitized, ruthless psychopaths, brute beasts and serial killers like Bin Laden, Hitler or Jehovah’s Witnesses. Their reprobate minds go in reverse, right is wrong and wrong is right. Christian Science practitioners, with a mind over matter approach, claim to cure diseases by convincing patients they are not sick. We must hang together or they will hang us separately. The Greek word, Rhema, means “wicked words of persecutors” (Matthew 5:11). Benny Hinn “visits graves to get anointing from bones” (TBN Apr. 7/91).
    This league of thugs, masterminds of fraud with give-to-get schemes, say if you give to them God will return it to you 100 fold. I gave to my children because I love them not because they gave to me first. We cannot bribe God by our giving. Neither poverty nor prosperity indicates spirituality. “Withdraw from people with corrupt minds who suppose gain is godliness” (1 Tim. 6:5). They say poverty is a curse but curses apply only to God haters not Christians (Deut. 5:9). Jesus broke all curses when he “was made a curse for us on the cross” (Gal. 3:13).
    Word Faith people who strive to live like Royalty covet the material riches of Abraham forgetting he lived in a tent and had an eternal perspective “looking for a city with foundations whose maker and builder is God” (Genesis 13; Hebrews 11:10). True spiritual riches of Abraham point to his descendant, Jesus.
    Christians have passed from death unto eternal life and are not subject to the curse of the law which is sin and death (1 John 3:14). At physical death our souls/spirits are “carried by angels” to the place of comfort or torment (Luke 16:22). We are then “absent from the body present with the Lord” (2 Cor. 5:8). At resurrection, our spirits reunite with new bodies. Jehovah’s Witnesses and 7th Day Adventists lie saying souls sleep. Bodies sleep not souls. Both these non-prophet organizations predicted Christ would return over 100 years ago.
Details: Click on Kenneth Copeland on this website.



    At a meeting, Vatican 2, 1962-65, Pope John 23rd and bishops from Ireland, Central America, Italy, Spain and others expressed concern that tradition elevated devotion to Mary to the point of idolatry. They called it “The Cult of the Virgin.” The true Mary was a “handmaiden of the Lord” married to a carpenter who directed people to Jesus. She said, “Whatever he says unto you, do it” (John 2:5). On the first Christmas, Mary wrapped her gift to the world and laid him in a manger.
    It is idolatry to pray to anyone but God. When Jesus taught his disciples to pray for forgiveness of sins he did not say, “Our father in the confessional forgive our sins.” He said, “Our Father in heaven...” (Matt. 6:9-13). Call no man on earth your spiritual father (Matthew 23:9). We have sinned against God. The only one that can forgive us is the one we sinned against.
    The Bible warns against necromancy, seeking the dead as in witchcraft (Deut. 18). There is no basis in Scripture for praying to or for the dead. One visionary in Medjugorje said her mother appeared with Mary in a vision. A message of June 25, 2001:
    “Dear children! I am with you and I bless you all with my motherly blessing. Especially today when God gives you abundant graces, pray and seek God through me...come closer to my heart so I can lead you to my Son, Jesus...”
    The living seeking the dead [Mary or saints] is an abomination (Isaiah 8:19). In visions, lying familiar demon spirits masquerade as departed persons. People think they meet God but contact Satan. The traditional cult of saints is also unbiblical.


    Paul warned about following a false Christ (2 Cor. 11:4). Jesus said, “You nullify the word of God by your traditions” (Mark 7:13). Unbiblical tradition creates a false Christ whose sacrifice is not sufficient to forgive sins but needs help from Mary, saints, sacraments, penance, priests and purgatory. Salvation is found in Jesus plus nothing, sola Christos. “If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart God raised him from the dead you will be saved” (Romans 10:9,10).


    PURGE-ATORY means to purge or cleanse. Sins that were not absolved at the confessional are allegedly purged by fires of purgatory. For every counterfeit there is a real one, a real place to purge sins. “After Jesus by himself purged our sins [on the cross] he sat at the right hand of the Majesty on high” (Heb. 1:3).
    “God be merciful to me a sinner” is the sin purging prayer. A tax collector that prayed went to his house justified, freely pardoned by God’s grace (Luke 18:10-14). Sins are purged by blood not by fire (Hebrews 9:22; Rev. 1:5). There is no such thing as holy water in Scripture.


    A false priest sits in a confessional forgiving and retaining sins. In contrast, if we confess our sins our Great High Priest, Jesus, forgives and cleanses us from all unrighteousness every time (Hebrews 4:14; 1 John 1:9). The Holy Royal Priesthood of all believers, men and women, is the New Testament concept (1 Peter 2:5,9). When Jesus died the temple veil ripped from top to bottom signifying all have direct access to come boldly to God’s throne (Matt. 27:51).
    It is possible to find forgiveness of sins by praying to a priest only if you have the right Priest, Jesus Christ the Great High Priest (Hebrews 4:14). Look beyond sacraments and tradition. Some forget what symbols symbolize. One can draw near to God with his lips but not with his heart so be serious when you repent of your sins. Salvation and baptism symbolize a U-turn on the road of life turning your back on sin and walking with Jesus (Psalm 51).
    Jesus said, “Do not judge by appearance but judge righteous judgment” (John 7:24). “Let prophets speak and let others judge” (1 Cor. 14:29). We cannot judge people’s motives or eternal destiny, heaven or hell, but we can judge their words by comparing them with the Bible standard. God does not give messages that contradict the Bible. Bereans judged Paul’s words by comparing them with Scripture (Acts 17:11). “Judge not lest you be judged” refers to hypocritical judgment, judging a speck in another’s eye with a beam in yours (Matt. 7:1-5). “Judgment must begin at the house of God” (1 Peter 4:17). We should judge ourselves (1 Cor. 11:27-34). “Be a doer of the word not just a hearer” (James 1:22).
    All churches have one thing in common, none can save us from our sins. “Jesus saves” (Matthew 1:21). Find some well balanced Alliance, Assembly of God, Baptist, Community Church, Christian Life Assembly, Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada Church. Watch out for the false Oneness God of United Pentecostals, Branham, T.D. Jakes and most Apostolics that denies the Trinity saying there is only one person, Jesus, in the Godhead. They believe Jesus is his own father and he prayed to himself. Father, Son and Holy Spirit were present at the same time at Jesus’ baptism (Matthew 3:16,17).
    Branham “speaking by divine inspiration” said “Jesus would return, California would slide into the ocean and the U.S. would be destroyed by atomic bombs by 1977.” Allah is the only remaining Muslim God after Muhammad renounced 359 of 360 false tribal gods at Mecca. Allah is not the same as the Christian God. The Koran says God could not have a son, Judas was crucified in the place of Christ and it is acceptable for men to beat women. Muslims are either peaceful moderates or suicide bombers depending how they interpret the Koran.
    A man hit a golf ball which landed on an ant hill. He took a powerful swing, missed the ball, but killed thousands of ants. One ant said to the other, “We better get on the ball or we’ll all be dead.” If you are running on empty and need a faith lift, download your sins on Jesus. God is Hi-Tech. He will hi-light and delete our sins on his heavenly computer. The death rate is one per- person so today is the day of salvation.
    God helps those who help themselves. Just as we help ourselves to food at a banquet, we should help ourselves to forgiveness of sins and eternal life that Jesus freely provided. It is a free gift, not of works (Ephesians 2:8-10). We are not saved by good works but for good works. Working out salvation that was not worked in first is like working water out of a dry sponge (Phil. 2:12,13). Work it in by accepting Christ as your Forgiver. Pray: “God be merciful to me a sinner” (Luke 18:10-14). After leaving your sins at the cross, pick up your cross and follow Jesus.
    If I was guilty and sentenced to hang but some innocent person offered to hang in my place as my substitute, to pay my death penalty, I could go free. Jesus who had no sin hung at Calvary to pay our death penalty for our sins.
    The gospel is a Down-To-Earth message of Jesus coming down to earth from heaven to save us (1 Cor. 15:1-4). Jesus claimed to be exclusively the only way to heaven not one of many equally good ways with Buddha, Joseph Smith, Muhammad and other sinners. He said, “I am the way, truth and life. No man comes to the Father [who is in heaven] except by me” (John 14:6). “Whoever denies the Son does not have the Father but the one who confesses the Son has the Father also” (1 John 2:23). Our sins separate us from God but forgiveness blots them out and restores fellowship. Who is the truth? Jesus is the truth (John 14:6).
    A man stepped on an ant hill, destroying it and killing thousands of ants. He felt sorry but was unable to help unless he became an ant. God saw how mankind had virtually destroyed his world so on the first Christmas he became flesh in Jesus coming down to earth to save us from our sins (John 6:33).
    Simeon “saw salvation” (Luke 2:26-30). He did not see Buddha, Allah, a Guru, Muhammad, a Masonic lamb skin, Mary, a Watchtower or Book of Mormon but saw Jesus and departed this life in peace. The first step for most people to become Christians is the church step for there they heard the message of salvation and accepted Christ’s forgiveness of sins. All cultists are Satanists for Satan is the author of their belief systems. “Resist the devil and he will run” (James 4:7).
    We do not clean ourselves outside the shower. Come to Jesus just as you are, sin and all without trying to clean up your act first. We do not wait until we are well before seeing a doctor. What matters most is where you are going not where you have been. Pray: God be merciful to me a sinner. I am sorry for my sins and accept you Jesus as my Saviour. Forgive me now as I forgive those who sinned against me, Amen.
Click on Cult of Mary on this website for more details.

Here is the gospel: God is just so our death penalty for sin had to be paid by us in hell or by Jesus, our innocent substitute. If I was guilty and sentenced to hang but someone loved me and volunteered to hang in my place to pay my death penalty, I could go free. Jesus was innocent but he hung on the cross as our substitute. God does not send people to hell; they go there by their own choice.
    The way of salvation is not rocket science. It is a Down-to-Earth-Message of Jesus coming down to earth from heaven to save us from our sins. Christians are not perfect but forgiven and will never attain sinless perfection in this life. Most families have rebellious individuals who want their own way and the same applies to the family of God. When we ask God to forgive our sins we are born again, born of the Spirit from above and adopted into His family. We are then babes in Christ and after years of stumbling learn to walk uprightly with God.
    When people receive Presidential pardons, no record is kept of past offenses. God pardons us of all our sins when we repent and does not remember them anymore. Repentance is a U-turn on the road of life. For most the first step to becoming a Christian is the church step for it was there they heard of Jesus and accepted him as Saviour. No church can save us from our sins but they can point us to the Saviour. Unitarians cannot do that since their Jesus is mere fantasy similar to Christian Science which says he is an illusion. Mormons say he is a brother of Satan and Muslims say he just a prophet not God as in Christianity.


    Years ago police in Edmonton tried to promote safe driving by giving awards to courteous drivers. They noticed a man who obeyed all rules of the road by doing good turns, giving others the right of way and keeping the speed limit. They stopped him to present a reward but first checked his driver’s license and found it invalid from previous violations.
    In like manner, we can obey all golden rules and do good turns to others but what about our past sins that need forgiveness. God stops us in the fast lane of life and declares our spiritual driver’s license was suspended in the Garden of Eden when our forefathers, Adam and Eve, sinned and passed the sinful nature unto us. The second Adam, Jesus, came to save us from our sins. “Unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour which is Christ the Lord” (Luke 2:11). Politicians of Jesus’ day decided the whole world should be taxed so all gathered in Jerusalem to pay and there was no room for Jesus in the Inn. Nothing has changed. Even today there is more interest in taxation than salvation but there is room at the cross for you.
    Some find it hard to comprehend how Jesus’ death can forgive our sins. In fact, I found it difficult to understand for some time. Imagine that you were broke and fined $1000. Now imagine a rich uncle writing a cheque to pay your penalty. We all have sinned and the penalty for sin is death, separation from God. Now think of Jesus, who had no sin, paying your death penalty for your sin at Calvary. A person can be pardoned but he can accept or reject the pardon.
    People have visible and invisible sins. Pride and unbelief are not visible like drunkenness, murder and adultery. Sins of omission are the good works we fail to do. Pride says, “I am a good person able to stand on my own two feet, not a sinner who needs a saviour.” Cemeteries are proof that we will not always stand on our own. Sin is like a disease with many symptoms. Mine might be pride or unbelief and yours drunkenness. The human race is suicidal and does not need Dr. Kevorkian’s suicide machine. We kill ourselves with cars, alcohol, drugs, stress and cigarettes. Some think they will get to heaven sooner by smoking or drinking?
    Many quote the Golden Rule spoken by Jesus in Matthew 7:12: “Do unto others as you want them to DO unto you.” It is a vain attempt to lift themselves by their own shoe laces. Jesus’ death for our sins is unnecessary if we can get to heaven by doing and behaving rather than believing the gospel. We are not saved from our sins by works we DO but by what Jesus has DONE for us at Calvary. Salvation is a free gift not of works (Ephesians 2:8-10). A gift is bought by others and freely received. Adam and Even sinned in Eden then covered themselves with fig leaves which is symbolic of salvation by human effort. Jesus cursed the fig tree. God made coats of skins and clothed them which pointed to the future sacrifice of Christ to forgive sins (Genesis 3:21).
    When Jesus taught the Golden Rule, he was speaking to his disciples who were already Christians. His sermon gave instructions on how to treat others. We are not saved by good works but for good works. Even atheists can do good works.
    Imagine walking in a flower garden with a blind person trying to explain to him the beautiful sight. Non-Christians are mentally blinded by sin and spiritually dead. In Greek, bios refers to natural life and zoe refers to eternal spiritual life. Artificial flowers look real but they have no life. The death rate is one per person and we are one heartbeat from eternity. Accept Christ’s forgiveness and your name will be written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Pray, God be merciful to me a sinner. I accept you, Jesus, as my Saviour. Forgive my sins, Amen.


    A centuries old debate continues among Christians. Both groups agree the free gift of salvation comes through faith in Christ apart from works but the disagreement concerns whether or not one can lose salvation.
    Think of Christianity as The good Ship Grace. Followers of Arminius say you lose salvation and fall overboard when you persist in sinning. Calvinists say you fall on board the ship and are eternally secure. They say a person cannot be born again and again. Sin breaks our communion with God not our union. A disobedient child is still a son or daughter of his earthly father and the same applies to his heavenly Father. They further say that if one continues in sin he has said faith not saving faith. “They draw near with their lips but their hearts are far from me” (Isaiah 29:13).
    Calvin emphasized God’s sovereignty and Arminius stressed human free will. In extreme Calvinism all is predetermined and we become puppets with God as a puppeteer. Most find middle ground between the sovereignty of God and our responsibility.
    A southern gospel preacher explained election: “Both God and the devil vote for you but, with free will, you cast the deciding vote for the one you want to serve.” Blind leaders pretend to know the sequence of last days events. Jesus said, “It is not for you to know” (Acts 1:7). Our vision of the future is like “looking through a dark glass...we know and prophesy in part” (1 Cor.13:9-12). We see some mountain peaks in prophecy but valleys are obscure. The debate on whether the earth is young or old is a secondary issue and does not affect our salvation.
    Pre-destination means God, with his foreknowledge, knows our eternal destination ahead of time. He knows in advance the bad things that will come our way but he does not cause them to happen. Whether we go to heaven or hell depends on our choices. The same sun that melts butter hardens clay. Some hearts become hardened by the gospel while others receive it with gladness and turn from their sins. What about forgiving people who have wronged us? “Rebuke them and if they say, ‘I repent,’ forgive them” (Luke 17:3,4; 15:11-32; 18:10-14). There is no forgiveness without repentance.
    “Where did Cain get his wife?” is an often asked question. Adam lived 930 years and begat sons and daughters (Genesis 5:4,5). Just imagine how big a family, including great, great, great grandchildren, Adam and Eve had after almost 1,000 years! The genetic code was not corrupted until the time of Moses, 1500 BC., so there was no incest. From that time marriage of relatives was forbidden (Leviticus 18).
    Apostate, Bishop Spong, said, “Christianity must change or die.” Man has not changed but remains a sinner in need of the same salvation so why should Christianity change? Spong must return to the gospel that saves and have a change of heart. The Episcopal church has gone into apostasy with same-sex marriage like the Anglican Church in Canada with Bishop Ingham.
    Does the Bible condone slavery? In Bible days people volunteered as slaves to work off debts just as we are slaves to Visa and Master Card. Slaves were not held against their will as in the days of U.S. President, Abraham Lincoln. God used Moses and blood of the Passover lamb to free Jewish slaves in Egypt.


    We must redeem the time in these evil days and be not ignorant of the will of the Lord (Ephesians 5:16,17).
    I, the Testator, made out my Last Will and Testament with instructions about my affairs after departing this life. The executor reads the will and acts accordingly. “The will is in force after the death of the Testator” (Heb. 9:16,17).
    Two young people walked to a forbidden Bible study and were stopped by guards who asked, “Where are you going?”
    They answered, “Our elder brother died and we are going to read his will.”
    Now that the Testator, Jesus, has died it is time to read his Last Will & Testament, the Bible, to get instructions on how to do his business here on earth. When a new will is written, all previous wills are void. The Old Testament with animal sacrifices and Sabbaths is a thing of the past. Jesus taught us to pray, “…your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as in heaven” (Matt. 6:10-13). This says there is something for us to do.
    In His will, the Bible, we might be asked to do things we would rather not do like Jesus said in Gethsemane: “Let this cup pass from me. Nevertheless not my will but yours be done” (Matt. 26:42). If we do not read his will we might say like Word Faith people, “Not your will but mine be done.”
    A few of the things we are to do and not do:
    Be not conformed to this world; Leave the 99 sheep and search for the one stray; Put on the whole armour of God; Pray without ceasing; Do unto others as you want them to do to you; Be Christ’s Witnesses (Acts 1:8; 26:22,23). Love one another; Take up your cross: Preach the gospel in all the earth; Be of good cheer; Resist the devil; Turn the other cheek and “be patient to receive the promise after doing the will of God” (Heb. 10:36).
    Cultists have changed the will of God, the Bible. Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, New Age, Freemasons, Word Faith, Adventists and Catholics all have perversions of the bible.

You receiving this in no way suggests you have a stormy
marriage. It is randomly distributed literature. Drop a line with
your comments, Thanks. God Bless!

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