Word Faith Roulette (5, 6 & 7-fold ministries)
(Repackaged Hinduism & Christian Science). You can lose
your money, soul and life by these idolatrous death squads
just as in Las Vegas and Russian Roulette!

One Faith preacher scored over 90 human sacrifices.
Ken Copeland lost his Godhood on Memorial Day, 2000.

These serial killers should surrender at the Hague for their crimes. Rhema means “words of persecutors” (Matthew 5:11).
Benny Hinn visits graves to get anointing from bones!
Copeland says, “Pray to yourself” (BVOV, Feb.87, page 9).

       Kenneth Copeland, Word Faith Guru, walked across the stage at Oral Roberts University Mabee Center, Tulsa, OK., in an altered state of consciousness and with rhetorical frenzy commanded all to name and claim what they wanted from God. As all in unison spoke loudly in tongues, he shouted into the microphone, “Stop! Stop! It’s Yours! It’s Yours!” There are no such mind games in the Bible. “They are mad” (1 Cor. 14:23).

            I stood outside with a large sign: The Copeland Cult. A False Christ Born Again In Hell. False Gods Are Men Like Mormonism. A Word Faith junkie pale as death dripped with acid, snarled and pointed to the sign: “It’s all lies! Where did you get that garbage?” “It came out of Copeland’s mouth,” I replied.  He quoted Psalm 82:6: “The Bible says ‘you are gods!’”

            I answered: “These so-called gods were mortal unjust Judges of Israel who thought they were gods enforcing harsh laws. Verse seven says they would die as men.” 

            It took much heart work to deliver Copeland from his fantasies but after I sent emails, tracts and prayed, he lost his Godhood on Memorial Day, 2000. On TBN he said, “You and I don’t qualify as God but Jesus does!” Since he is now a creature not a creator and unable to “speak things into existence,” where will he get his next 82 foot yacht?  Praise God for the coup d’etat!

            Word Faith serial killers find euphoria in heresy and claim to speak words direct from God, “Rhema,” like the Pope speaking infallibly (ex-cathedra) from St. Peter’s chair. Their faked dogmatism rivals thunders on Mount Sinai.  The Greek word, rhema (ponaron rhema), means “wicked words of persecutors,” false prophets, in Matthew 5:11. Liar and persecutor, Ken Hagin Sr., said pastors would drop dead in pulpits if they did not accept his message. Hobart Freeman sacrificed himself by not taking medication and is responsible for over 90 documented deaths. How many human sacrifices have others in this Hemlock Society made by ignoring “lying symptoms” of disease? This spiral of death by these serial killers is a thousand times worse than the Green River or Coquitlam pig farm. The Emperor has no clothes. Other cults attack the church from without but Word Faith attacks it from within. It is a Trojan horse that brings false doctrine into churches.

            “God spoke in past times by prophets but in these last days has spoken by his Son” (Heb. 1:1,2). John the Baptist was the last prophet (Luke 16:16). The church is built on a foundation of 12 apostles and Old Testament prophets (Eph. 2:20). Their words are Scripture and prophets today repeat what they foretold. This foundation and cornerstone, Jesus, were laid once. When a building is erected the foundation is laid once. There is no room for self-proclaimed false rhema prophets since Jesus foretold the  future to the end of the world in Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21  and Revelation. It is a non-prophet organization that does not resist but assists Satan. Their mouths must be stopped (Titus 1:11).

            False prophesying is like shooting an arrow into a tree then painting a bull’s-eye around it. With slight of mind they rearrange events and  torture Scripture to make prophecies appear true. All visions, dreams and messages must be judged by comparing them with the Bible standard (1 Cor. 14:29; John 7:24; Acts 17:11).

            On CNN, false prophet Benny Hinn, bragged about raising the dead in his meetings.

            The anchor man asked: “Did you see it happen?”

            Hinn, stammering, replied, “No, I heard about it?”

            He said Castro would die in the 1990s and God would destroy all homosexuals with fire by 1995. Jesus came to save not  destroy people by fire (Luke 9:51-56). Guess who reveals his “revelation knowledge” since it does not square with Scripture? God does not contradict himself. He visits tombs of the dead to get anointing from bones. He also lied saying that Jesus would appear physically in his meetings.

            D.R. McConnell’s book, A Different Gospel, traced the cultic Word Faith food chain back to E.W. Kenyon (1867-1948). He studied in Boston, the Mecca of Christian Science, Unity and Unitarianism, and coined the phrase, “What I confess, I possess.” His writings predate Hagin’s by 30 years. Unitarians say “Jesus is a fantasy.” Think of Mickey Mouse in Fantasyland.     

            Hagin copied from Kenyon’s 18 occult books then claimed his new light was revelation from God but is Hinduism dressed in Christian words. Ken Copeland started his ministry by memorizing Hagin’s messages. Gloria Copeland on TV said, “Rain or shine, we never missed his meetings.” Let’s unscramble their repackaged Christian Science, Kenyonism. There can be no unity between Christians and those with false doctrine (Romans 16:17). It is biblical to name people that lie publicly (2 Tim. 4:14).


MASTERMINDS  OF  FRAUD; The tail wags the dog.

            It’s Yours! It’s Yours” shouted Copeland, assuring the Oral Roberts University Mabee Center crowd the gospel of greed had prevailed and they possessed what they professed. You will know them by their Cadillacs. Their emphasis is on the pocket book (wallet) not the Bible. Jesus said to count the cost not the cash.

            The Bible is silent on the non-existent “demon of poverty.” Neither poverty  nor prosperity indicate spirituality. Jesus said the poor are blessed (Luke 6:20). Ken  declares: “We are of the blab it and grab it group that fly around in jets.”1 Would this unethical role model grab things from his earthly father?  With all their dollar $igns, one wonders about the salvation of people in this fool’s gold rush. 100-fold return scams give people  false hopes and some blame God when the bonanza does not come.

            Jim Bakker built his empire on the Health & Wealth gospel lie and admits he was wrong. “Lay up treasures in heaven not on earth” (Matt. 6:19,20). David said, “I will not offer to the Lord that which costs me nothing” (2 Samuel 24:24). Their hopeless hoax, chilling horrors and child-like orgy of quest for things continues:

            Copeland casts a spell on TV: “You don’t work for your healing, salvation and money. God  gives it to you.” God gave us a helping hand one on the end of each arm. “Work with your hands...that you may lack nothing” (1 Thess. 4:11,12).  Shrine makers in Ephesus said, “By this craft we have our wealth” (Acts 19:25). They raise money but cannot raise the dead. Bereans judged Paul’s teachings by comparing it with Scripture (Acts 17:11).

            “Godliness with contentment is great gain for we brought nothing into the world and we carry nothing out. Having food and raiment be content for the rich fall into temptation and a snare. The love of money is the root of all evil which some coveted after and erred from the faith. Man of God, flee these things and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness” (1 Tim. 6:6-11). Have you seen a hearse with a U-Haul trailer behind?             John Hagee says, “Poverty is a curse.” According to him,  all pioneers including my parents were cursed living on homesteads. He thinks he is blessed as he drips with acid and bitterness snarling like a junkyard dog. Judas who had a devil is the Word Faith swindler’s role model who pretended to follow Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Hagee teaches that Jesus refused to be Messiah to the Jews. In contrast,  the Jews rejected Jesus (Matt. 23:37). Jesse Duplantis, puppet of Copeland, joined Hagee preaching at a Vancouver, Canada, crusade, 2002.       

            T.D. Jakes with shark mentality has a false created Jesus with his oneness,modalistic theology that denies the trinity and “is out to destroy the myth that Jesus is poor.” God owns all cattle on 1,000 hills but many  cowboys, some atheists, look after them. We cannot bribe God by our giving. I gave to my children, not because they gave to me first but because I love them. In their opulent, fast food world view of formulas and instant gratification, more is never enough. “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). We give to reach the lost not to get more wealth. “Men with corrupt minds destitute of truth suppose gain is godliness. From such withdraw yourself” (1 Timothy 6:5).

            A man asked billionaire Standard Oil tycoon, Rockefeller, “How much money would it take to make you happy?” He replied, “Just a  little bit more.”  “Love your enemies; do good and lend hoping for nothing and your reward shall be great” (Luke 6:35). Many blamed God and ended up in the cult kingdom, bankrupt spiritually and financially, after 100-fold return scams failed to materialize. To multiply money give it to bankers but giving to the needy is like giving to Jesus (Matt. 25:27-45). Our kingdom is not of this world. In their short term thinking and insatiable greed they look for heaven on earth. This is a time of testing for we take our character to heaven not our comforts.

            The good Samaritan brought an injured man to an Inn and paid for his care then promised the host, “If you spend more, when I come again I will repay you” (Luke 10:35). If we spend more than we receive, Jesus will repay us when he comes. “Behold, I come quickly and my reward is with me” (Rev. 22:12). Abraham’s riches are spiritual since Jesus is his descendant. However, there is  material prosperity  in Christianity. An ex-alcoholic said, “Jesus changed water to wine but in my life he changed beer into furniture. Before my salvation I was suicidal wasting all on alcohol and drugs but after sobering up I bought furniture.”

            In his State of the Union address, 2002,  President George W. Bush said, “The good we do is more important than goods we accumulate and our goals must be larger than self. We used to say, ‘If it feels good do it’ but now we say, ‘Let’s Roll.’” He also said, “We need calcium in our backbones to stand against evil.”

            Copeland said, “A good deceiver is one who believes his own lie.”2 Pastor Keith Moore, trying to correct him, said, “We did not create all God gave us.”3 John Avanzini, in a Eureka moment, said, “A greater than a lottery has come. His name is Jesus.”4 John Hagee endorses him. Faith teachers claim to be “the head not the tail, lenders not borrowers.” Robert Tilton, obscene rip-off artist, sent letters asking for donations to heal people already dead and was fleeced by million dollar lawsuits. These vampires would suck the last molecule of air from of a dying child’s lungs to live like royalty. His church stands like a ghost town in north Dallas, Texas. He also had a 12,000 square-foot “parsonage.”

            “Where your treasure is your heart will be also” (Matt. 6:19-21).  Is your heart in the bank? We own nothing but are stewards of a few things for a while. A good steward invests wisely to produce spiritual fruit. Investing in 5, 6 or 7-fold  Word Faith counterfeit Al-Qaida ministries is like buying stock in a bankrupt company. Rod Parsley, Schambach, Kaseman and Bishop Mclendon also have monetary Messiahs. Texe Marrs majors on conspiracy theories.

            Seed is “the Word of God” (Luke 8:11), not money, and deceitful riches representing thorny ground choke the word and give zero-fold increase (Matt.13:20-22). “The Seed is Christ” (Gal. 3:16; Gen. 22:18). “Those who began positive confession attributed ability to acquire riches to occult powers [witchcraft]”5 Copeland twists his face like a pretzel with glassy eyes and demonic scowls appears like a witch doctor’s mask. Kreflo Dollar says, “Adam could fly; Jesus wore designer clothes and you have a right to live in abundance.” The Old Testament was a time of prosperity but this is a time of adversity; forsake all; deny yourself; take up your cross and follow Jesus. Charles Capps claims to “immobilize God with his words.” God will immobilize him in due time.

            Scripture does not say, “Dollar signs shall follow them that believe.” God enlarged hell to make room for all this pomp (Isaiah 5:14). Gloria Copeland speaks of her “humungus house” and her sermons indicate a blatant self-indulgent lifestyle of consumerism. Like Saddam Hussein, they build palaces while others starve. Jesus drove out demons and temple money changers (John 2:15). Support your local church not these “sowers of tares” [weeds] (Matt. 13:5). Greener pastors are always farther away. Megalomaniacs: Copeland, Hagin, Fred Price, Creflo Dollar and others, “the axis of evil,” are in this seed-money scam and only suckers follow these hucksters. Oral Roberts does not believe he is a God but provides a university platform for others to promote this idolatry. 

            Fred Price: “I drive a Rolls Royce because I follow in Jesus’ steps.”6 Many of Jesus’ followers were not disciples but followed for fridge benefits, loaves and fishes. Paul warned the Ephesians for three years that “grievous wolves from the church would arise and draw away disciples after themselves” (Acts 20:29-31). Peter said, “Silver and gold have I none but in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk” (Acts 3:6).  “The cross does not ride like a Rolls Royce but  will take you further,” says Dr. Walter Martin.

            Preachers of the wealth gospel usually park their Lincolns and Cadillacs by church doors as decoys to make people believe their scams are working.  Their money vacuum sucks only in one direction, from  members to  leaders.  The thorny, stoney ground of members will not produce a 100-fold increase of seed money but the ground of the leaders is fertile? What a crock of garbage!

            If halo polishing faith extortioners believed their own teachings they would give church members and others $1,000 bills so God could multiply it back to them. They give large offerings to each other but forget the poor. Jesus said if we feed the hungry, clothe the naked and visit prisoners “we have done it unto him” (Matt. 25). Faith theology dismisses the poor as lacking faith or having sin in their lives. Which is sin in the Bible, need or greed? They profess like disciples but practice like atheists. By giving, we store up treasure in heaven not on earth (Luke 18:22).

            I grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan and know first hand that planting seed does not guarantee a harvest. Drought, frost, floods, weeds, insects, hail and expenses of labor, seed, gas, spray, insurance, machinery and fertilizer often leave farmers in debt. Faith teachers do not preach  this aspect of sowing and reaping.          Giving to God  does not guarantee a return in this life but when Jesus comes his reward is with him (Rev. 22:12). Copeland trivialized the World Trade Towers destruction saying, “They represented the money god.” Zacchaeus, a tax collector, robbed people but returned the money four fold after he met Jesus (Luke 19:8). It is pay back time for faith scam artists. Our greatest need is what money cannot buy. If God returns 100-fold more than we give, where are the principles of sacrifice and self denial?

            False teachers say, “Poverty is a curse!”  Imagine a new Christian coming into a church excited about Jesus but totally broke financially. He looks for words of encouragement but hears that he is cursed. He leaves and  ends up in the cult Kingdom.

            Curses apply to “God haters” and hellbound “goats” on Jesus’ left hand not Christians (Deut. 5:9; Matt. 25:41). Jesus redeemed us from the curse of sin and death by giving us eternal life “for cursed is the one who hangs on a tree” (Galatians 3:13). Christians have crossed over from death unto life and shall never die (John 5:24;11:26). God sees our hearts not our bank accounts. Homeless, pensionless people from Enron are victims of greed. CNN told of people age 65 out looking for jobs. The executives see demons of riches in their jail-cell mirrors.

            Some say when we get to heaven God will show us gifts he had for us but we failed to ask for them. I, as a father, never kept gifts for my children because they did not ask for them. A father knows what his children need and gives without any request. Our personal relationship with God is more than getting things. Greed of Casey Treat reached a new level, “taking things by force.”


            A broken barometer in a home registered STORMY 24 hours a day. Most marriages are politically correct. Politicians make promises but forget after elections. We promise “to love in sickness or health, richer or poorer until death” but forget unconditional love after marriage. Now, it is based on performance as we raise the bar like a high-jump competition or like hunters looking for big bucks. Many have said, “I gave up on Word Faith since I could no longer afford it. The whole scam is about manipulating people so leaders can live like royalty.”

            Happiness is not having what you like but liking what you have. In our brief journey from the womb to the tomb we don’t need all things to enjoy life for God gave us life to enjoy all things. One secret of living happily ever after is to not be after too much. Some “earn wages and put it into a bag with holes” (Haggai 1:6). Others have too little interest in each other and pay too much interest at the bank. They love the purse not the person. More is never enough!

             Making a living is like playing golf; you drive hard for the green and end up in the hole. If you are in a hole, stop digging! “Until debt do us part” is the life story of many marriages. Life is like a coin; spend it any way you wish but you spend it only once. The way you spend your days is how you spend your life. Material things satisfy the body but only Jesus can satisfy the soul. If you are running on empty and need a faith lift, download your sins on Jesus now. Pray: God be merciful to me a sinner.



            Faith serial killers like Christian Science practitioners make human sacrifices by ignoring symptoms. They say lying symptoms such as tumors are from Satan and you are already healed because sickness does not exist. In this mind over matter cult of denial, don’t mention sickness to your doctor, in church or at home. If neither sin nor sickness exist there is no need for the Savior or a doctor. It is possible to reboot their brains with the truth.

                                                                                                                              Jehovah’s Witnesses, ghosts of Hitler, make human sacrifices by not giving blood transfusions and others use abortion. As a former fetus, I am against abortion. How much does the world weigh? To find out, ask a single mother and if you know one be sure to help her. Grandchildren are a gift of God to people that do not murder their children. These crimes against humanity and suicide are not unpardonable sins. King David, adulterer and murderer,  repented and God forgave and used him (Psalm 51). He will forgive faith teachers but they must repent of their error, terror, murder, pride,  greed, idolatry and lying. To be forgiven one must repent and say, “Sorry!” to his victims and make restitution if possible (Luke 17:3,4; 15:11-32; 18:10-14; Psalm 51). Only one of the two thieves at Calvary repented and went to paradise after recieving both capital punishment and forgiveness. On the human level, forgiving one another simply means you do not hold a grudge and become bitter but are able to move forward in life. You can find forgiveness of sins by praying to a priest if you have the right Priest, Jesus Christ the Great High Priest (Hebrews 4:14).



Murder Incorporated continues:  God responds only to negative confessions. If you had a fire in your house, phoned 911, and said, “All is fine here!” would a fire truck with sirens blaring come to your home? You have to tell the truth, not lie, about the actual situation. If you are sick and lie saying you are OK God will not respond. The disciples told Jesus negative things and he responded: “We have only five loaves and two fish and cannot feed the multitude. They ended up with 12 baskets over. Others were sick, unsaved, dead or about to perish in storms” and Jesus responded to these requests. To become a Christian, one must negatively confess he is a sinner. The cross is God’s plus sign and he can change a minus to a plus. Kenyon coined the saying: “What I confess, I possess” (Hidden Man, p.98). Don Gossett endorses him.

              Symptoms are not “devilish decoys to get a negative confession” but early warnings of health problems. “My wife died,” said a man. “That faith teacher pulled the trigger. She denied  tumors so long her disease became incurable.” The Bible does not tell sick people to keep silent but to get on the phone and “call for church elders to anoint with oil and pray. The prayer of faith shall save the sick and the Lord shall raise him up” (James 5:14,15). In face of difficulty and pain, faith teachers resist Satan but it could be God resisting them. “He resists the proud but gives grace to the humble” (James 4:6). In 2001, Copeland wrote of having pain in his leg for two years.  God is resisting his pride as he claims to be an Almighty God like Mormons. True faith sees the unseen things we hope for but does not ignore what is seen in the present physical realm. God does not always change our circumstances but sends them to change us.

            False teachers say if you verbalize negative thoughts you bring calamities upon yourself.  Example: If you say you might have cancer, your words will give you the disease and it becomes your own fault. Sept., 2004: Copeland flip-flopped on this teaching and gave a negative web-site confession to postpone meetings in Australia due to his sore back. His words are true lies.

            The great cloud of Jesus Witnesses, heroes of faith, were tortured, sawed in half, imprisoned and destitute but died with their faith intact (Hebrews 11). Paul knew “the fellowship of Christ’s sufferings” (Phil. 3:10). Our fiery furnace experiences burn dross from our lives and make us lean more upon God. Jesus said storms  hit Christians and pagans, whether houses are built on sand or rock (Matt. 7:24-27). We can be like Jonah who caused his own storm by disobeying the Word of God.  There are only two kinds of people in this world:  First, those who have experienced tragedy and secondly, those who have yet to experience it.

            Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910), Christian Science founder, was sick and used morphine much of her life but believed sickness, death, sin and all matter including human bodies are illusory, non- existent, and patients are cured by convincing them disease is unreal. Many were jailed for not providing medical services. With no sin they see no need for either the Savior, Jesus, or the gospel that saves from sin (1 Cor.15:1-4; Matthew 1:21). Ken Hagin said, “When I preach on the mind it frightens some congregations. They think of Christian Science” (Right & Wrong Thinking, p. 18-19).      

            Kenyon bought into this suicidal, homicidal, Russian roulette mind game and faith teachers popularized this Auschwitz, Jonestown in slow motion. Imaginary illnesses respond to psychosomatic cures.  They drive the sick and disabled from churches. With no sick people in sight it appears their healing campaign works. Faith teachers, like Sama bin Laden, look for volunteers for their suicide missions.      

            Imagine sitting in a wheelchair as Frederick Price, puppet of Ken Hagin Sr., preaches in Crenshaw Christian Center, Los Angeles: “I wouldn’t want to live in a house where  electrical wires hang outside the walls, toilets overflow and nothing works right. God can’t live in your body if he cannot see out of your eyes, hear with your ears and your hands or feet do not work right. He gets no glory from that body.”7 He overdosed on false doctrine.

            Price was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness so was easily sucked into this false faith doctrine. Wait until he gets older or disabled! The heartless congregation applauds but disabled people are driven away. This is a bizarre church not a church bazaar. These homicidal fake preachers have false and filled teeth, toupees, false eye lashes, false Christs, funerals, poor memories, thick glasses, scars from surgery, wrinkles and health insurance.

            Ken Hagin Sr. boasts: “I have never had a headache” but reports tell of his many heart problems. Jesus died for our sins and sicknesses and healing is guaranteed for all, some in this life but all in the resurrection. In heaven there is no sickness, tears, pain or death for these have passed away (Rev. 21:4). Bodies wear out and the death rate is one per person in this cursed creation. Weeds still grow in our gardens and all are flawed and afflicted by the disease of aging. Even the earth has faults that cause earthquakes. Paul believed in doctors and traveled with Luke the physician. At one point Paul left Trophimus in Miletum sick and told Timothy to take some wine for his stomach’s sake (2 Tim. 4:20; 1 Tim. 5:23). Paul did not tell the sick to lie saying they were not sick. Paul went so far as to glory in his infirmities (2 Cor. 12:7-10).

             Rejoice if you are bald for it will be restored in the hair-after. Our bodies perish daily (2 Cor. 4:16). A self-deceived Word Faith person spread germs as he coughed. He then lied: “I am healed.”  Oh Honesty, where art thou? Hinn said, “Place deceased people before the TV set for 4 to 24 hours for a resurrection” (The 5th Estate, CBC TV. Nov.7/04). Christianity is a culture of life but Copeland, intoxicated with power over followers, leads a culture of death by teaching the denial of symptoms of disease.

            Copeland says: “I refuse to be moved by what I see or feel.” Christian Science also says all messages from our five senses are lies of mortal mind. Why did God give us the five senses? This belief system is like living on death row. Would Copeland believe his sense of sight if it indicated a red traffic light? Keep in mind the human race is suicidal. In this stoned age we don’t need Dr. Kevorkian’s suicide machine since we murder ourselves by reckless driving, smoking, using drugs, overeating, stress, sex and aids, alcohol, rage, worry,  overwork and by listening to Faith teachers, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons and other cults. Some expect to get to heaven sooner by drinking or smoking? Smokers are also homicidal, killing others with second hand smoke.

            A gun to the head, cigarette or alcohol to the mouth or Word Faith teaching to your heart all indicate suicidal lifestyles. God does not  rain on your parade but he tries to keep you from self-destructing influences. Be God’s mouth-peace in our troubled world. Are you infected by deadly 5-fold ministry bacteria?



More frenzied theatre: A tornado of false doctrine blew south from the Toronto Airport Vineyard Church in Canada. Copeland and Rodney  Howard Browne from South Africa on a Texas stage spoke to each other in tongues. “He that speaks in an unknown tongue speaks not to men but to God” (1 Cor. 14:1-5). Imagine the parade of nonsense in holy laughter fake revivals where they lost their compass and feelings and experience not Scripture are their authority. Television is their main weapon of mass seduction.

            In search of a liver quiver and in a frenzied emotional state they are glued to the floor, bark, jack-knife, jerk, grunt, oink, flip out, shake, paw like bulls, surf, slither, leave their bodies, scream, laugh and roar like lions. “The devil is like a roaring lion” (1 Peter 5:8). The prodigal son heard oinking in a pigpen not in church (Luke 15:15). Jonathan Edwards, who believed spiritual gifts had ceased, said similar fanatic behavior squelched the revival in 1740. John Wimber, Vineyard founder, said, “We used to cast devils out of people that made animal sounds.” Hyenas laugh but they have no joy. It was started in Wimber’s church by a homosexual hypnotist.

            The circus is run from the monkey cage as they perpetuate the hoax on humanity. “I laughed and screamed uncontrollably for hours,” said a woman. Fruit of the Spirit is self control but with no control it is another spirit. Browne says, “Don’t pray! If the devil and flesh are manifesting, rejoice for something is happening.” Praying people would not enter hypnotic altered states of consciousness. They boast of great healings but have no documented evidence. Hypnotists use auto-suggestion to make hyper-suggestible people do what they say.         

            I attended a show by The Great Morton, hypnotist. On stage, people walked along a beach, emptied sand from their shoes and hit mosquitoes as he suggested. F.A. Mesmer, hypnotist (1734-1815), mesmerized people with “animal magnetism.” He claimed a magnetic field surrounds a person that can be transferred to heal others. They pounded their heads against padded walls and fell backwards when he pointed at them. It is easy to mesmerize large crowds as they sway to music in  altered states of consciousness. Emotional temperature rises with repetitive music causing a pro-wrestling atmosphere. Repetitive physical motions also induce frenzied delirium. Hitler said, “Give them circuses.”

            Scoffers said people were drunk on the Day of Pentecost but Peter said, “These are not drunk...” (Acts 2:15). He preached a  sermon without staggering and 3,000 were saved. They need a drunk tank, a bartender and designated driver in church. A hangover follows called “post laughter depression” similar to champagne at night and real pain in the morning. They fall and slither like snakes on the floor. Where is the biblical precedent?   

            Demon possession, depression or oppression happens in hypnotic mind games: yoga, Word-faith, seances, Harry Potter books and movies, TM, JW, Mormonism, ouija boards, fortune telling, drug use, visualization, evil thinking, martial arts, homosexuality, rage, pornography, cult brainwashing and unholy laughter. Blank minds and uncontrolled emotions are doorways for demons. Hindu communes in India practice “divine laughter.” Tune up your balogna detector! No porn again when you are born again!

            Word Faith’s creed is an incredible hodgepodge: phony laughter, demonic anointing, human sacrifices, human gods, symptoms are false evidence of sickness, the cross is not sufficient for salvation; faith is a force; faith formulas, creatures are creators; health & wealth gospel, animal magnetism, a born-again in hell Jesus, 5, 6 & 7-fold fantasies, 100-fold scams and hypnotic seduction. Quench these unholy spirits! Foxes guard the hen house!

            Paul spoke of mind corruption: “I fear as the serpent tricked Eve, your minds will be corrupted from the simplicity of Christ...preaching a different Jesus, a different spirit and a different gospel” (2 Cor. 11:3-4). The 6-fold ministry allegedly transforms humans into Gods.

            Pastor Tom Stipes of Crossroads Church in Denver spoke on The Bible Answer Man radio program. They surfed the third wave of revival on the lunatic fringe for 15 years and believed in the five-fold ministry. He said, “Pastors are main targets of this false revivalism.” False prophets in this movement, Jack Deere and others, claim to be right only 10% of the time with 90% lies. In the Bible every word had to be 100% accurate (Deut. 18:20-22).

            Conference junkies spoke of too much human control in his church but Tom realized that anything goes with no pastoral or self-control. Like an Elvis rock concert, there was a whole lot of shaking going on! They speak of gold dust falling from heaven on people.  Heavy Metal  of heaven is gold; streets are paved with it.

            Old Testament prophets and Jesus’ Apostles are the foundation of the church and their words are Scripture (Eph. 2:20). Apostolic succession is a myth since the foundation is laid only once.  Present day prophets “build up, stir up and cheer up” others by repeating what the first prophets foretold (1 Cor. 14:3). “God spoke in times past by prophets but has spoken to us by his Son in these last days” (Heb. 1:1,2).

            John the Baptist was the last prophet (Luke 16:16). Deluded people who claim to be prophets foretelling the future are wrong 100% of the time as seen in tabloid newspapers. For 100 years they tried to pin the tail on the antichrist. Jack Van Impe predicted the Russian flag would fly over Independence Hall in Philadelphia in 1976. In 1993 Benny Hinn said we have only six years left. Jean Dixon’s crystal ball showed the anti-Christ uniting all world religions by 1999. William Branham claimed to speak “by divine inspiration” in his book, Seven Church Ages, saying the church would be raptured, California would slide into the ocean and the end would come by 1977.

            They prophesy over people telling them to go somewhere or do something. If God has a mission for you, he tells you not someone else. If my earthly father wants me to do something he tells me. False prophets and apostles of the 1950s 5-fold Latter Rain movement sent missionaries before learning languages. In vain they expected to speak in  foreign tongues by the spirit. Can’t we learn from past mistakes? History proves one thing, that we do not learn from it and countless churches are split and shredded by false doctrine and false practice.

            The fictitious 5-fold ministry allegedly transforms one into an apostle or prophet. Word Faith and Mormonism repackaged the lie with a 6-fold ministry to fulfill the Devil’s promise: “You shall be gods” (Genesis 3:5). Some claim to have “the 7-fold ministry with wisdom and knowledge of the seven spirits of God.” Rod Parsley’s “Breakthrough” is always in the future. Paul reached the level of “Chief of sinners” (1 Tim. 1:15). One must humble himself at the foot of the cross for the way up is down (Luke 18:10-14). “Let each esteem others better than themselves” (Phil. 2:3).

            The early church turned the world upside down by continuing  in the Apostles’ doctrine, the old time religion (Acts 2:42). Protestant reformation came when Martin Luther returned to the Bible but 5, 6, & 7-fold fantasies bring Protestant deformation. Judge experiences, doctrines, visions and prophecies by the right standard, the Word of God, not by unreliable feelings. Do they square with Scripture? God does not contradict himself.       

             Pensacola apostles claim to be equal to or greater than the first 12 but apostle simply means a sent one, a missionary (Ephesians 4:11). There are no new apostles since the 12 foundations of the New Jerusalem are named after the original twelve (Rev. 21:14). Jesus said to make disciples not apostles. False apostles followed Jesus for fridge benefits, loaves and fishes.   “False apostles transform themselves into apostles of Christ but are liars” (2 Cor. 11:13; Rev. 2:2). True apostles saw Jesus in the flesh and their words are Scripture (1 Cor. 9:1). The greatest “Apostle,” sent One, is Jesus himself (Heb. 3:1).

            The evangelastic Brownsville group tells of raising 200 from the dead in Mexico but cannot produce names.  Super apostles and prophets in the 5-fold Restoration hoax fantasize about taking dominion over all financial institutions before Christ’s return. The authority of these extortioners is in the pocket book, wallet, not the Bible. Churches will fold with multi-fold ministries and 100-fold scams.


            On a Sunday morning as the rising sun shone brightly over the Rocky mountains, Pastor Tom of Crossroads Church made some changes: (perhaps you need to make some?)

            “Four rows of fake shakers, primed and soaked in a back room, began to twitch, oink and laugh ready to do carnival and catchers stood ready to catch those slain in the spirit as parishioners with fantasy prone Pensacola conference junkies waited with bated breath to hear and tell more apocryphal, evangelastic stories. From the pulpit, I told them to stop twitching for we are starting a 28 weeks study in the Book of John then asked people to open their Bibles but was amazed to see nobody had a Bible.”

            Experience oriented groups gradually replace the word of God with manifestations of flesh. Shaking does not indicate spirituality. Sources of actions are God, the devil or psychological manipulation. Later they had Bible-based revival with no post-laughter depression. This fake revival is not spread by the Holy Spirit but by video. Their first casualty is truth as they mimic  shaking and laughing  then send the tape to another city to repeat the circus. Our main enemies are the world,  flesh and devil. The only thing missing is the Barnum & Baily music.

             Pray the Copelands, Hagins and others  will forsake their pagan superstition. If you support them in any way, repent, burn their books and tapes (Acts 19:19). Run, don’t walk to the nearest exit. Find a balanced Alliance, Assembly of God (PAOC), Baptist, Calvary Chapel, Christian Life Assembly, Evangelical Free or  community church with none of these pagan practices.

            God can  bless and use you even if your life is messed up by sin. Moses, David and Paul were adulterers and murderers but they repented (Psalm 51). Jonah turned his back on God and created his own storm but “the Word of the Lord came unto him the second time” (3:1). God will give us a second chance.

            Dope and booze addicts need larger and larger doses to reach altered states of consciousness as they become progressively more brain dead as satan hijacks their brains. Experience oriented people need increased psychological manipulation and more bizarre manifestations of flesh to get an adrenaline rush. Soon  inmates run the asylum and the Bible goes out the window. Little foxes spoil the Vineyard (Song of Solomon 2:15). It starts in a small way but ends with a valley of dry bones. Martin Luther would say, “Sola Scriptura, the Bible alone without tradition or manipulation.”

            What about those “slain in the Spirit” and fall backwards in meetings? This can happen by the power of God but in some cases fear of falling causes them to fall. You could walk a tight-rope two feet off the ground and not fall but put it across Niagara Falls and fear will cause you to fall into the river. Believers fell forward on their faces before Jesus but his enemies fell backwards (1 Cor. 14:25; John 18:6). Where does the Bible mention “catchers?” Spin around a few times in one place and you will fall down but there is nothing spiritual about it. Slain in the Spirit is also practiced by stage hypnotists and the Occult.

            Hear the seductive hiss as Copeland dogmatizes on his occultic out of body, out of mind experience: “My spirit is coming out of my body. It scared me! I grabbed hold of it with my will. I was going to preach out of body and go through the congregation like a whirlwind.” “Do not touch the Lord’s anointed,” 1 Samuel 24:6, meant that David was not to kill King Saul. It has nothing to do with correcting false prophets who have the devil’s anointing (Ezekiel 28:14).  Copeland practices native American witchcraft and people think it is Christianity. The balogna principle continues:

            Grant Jeffery, Hal Lindsay and others who sounded false alarms predicting the failed Y2K holocaust use another mind game called  ELS Bible Codes. In this hoax they add their own vowels to make the Bible say what they want it to say. Like esoteric Gnostics of old they see imaginary hidden meanings in Scripture but miss main and plain things. Their minds not the letters are spaced out.  Muslims use codes in the Koran to prove Jesus is not God. Kaballa, an occultic Babylonian philosophy, claims to unlock secrets in Jewish Scriptures (Torah), but denies Jesus is God manifest in flesh (John 1:1,14). The DiVinci Code fiction says Jesus did not rise; he was married to Mary Magdalene and he was not God. Roy Masters rejects Christ’s atonement on the cross.

            Lost people speak of lost years of Jesus and lost gospels of Thomas, Barnabas or Enoch. These are not gospels for they do not contain the gospel that saves: “Christ died for our sins and rose again” (1 Cor.15:1-4). Muslims quote Barnabas in the Koran saying another [Judas] was crucified in the place of Christ (4:157,158). Thomas said a female must make herself male to enter heaven.     Bob Larson, Neil Anderson, Arnold Murray and William Branham  major on conspiracy theories about satanic ritual abuse, breeders, and demons having sex with humans (the serpent seed doctrine). This is Greek mythology with no basis in reality for demons are fallen angels without physical bodies and have no creative power to take on human form. “A spirit has not flesh or bones” (Luke 24:39). “Sons of God came unto daughters of men and bare children that became mighty men” (Gen. 6:4). Nephalim are men not  human/demonic hybrids.  “Sons of God” refers to believers (1 John 3:1).

            Derek Prince says Christians can cough up demons and false teacher Rebecca Brown also says Christians can be demon possessed but believers are temples of God and will not share his temple with demons. Generational curses apply to “God haters” not Christians (Deut. 5:9). Joyce Meyer believes generational spirits pass from one generation to another. Salvation breaks all curses for Jesus was made a curse for us (Gal. 3:13).

            Mike Warnke faked his credentials as a Satanist. Neil Anderson says Christians do not have a sin nature. Even the apostle Paul who wrote much of the New Testament said he was not yet perfect (Phil. 3:12). Christians have perfect imputed righteousness of Christ but also a sin nature as long as they are in the flesh. This changes when we are glorified in the resurrection at Christ’s return. Anderson also believes in the now debunked Freudian repressed memory theory. Bob Larson “castrates demons with the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God.” Racist, Arnold Murray, like Mormons, believes in preexistent souls and says Anglo-Saxons are God’s chosen race. In the Bible the supreme race is the human race.



            Deified faith fakes say “creative faith” is a force like gravity or electricity and faith-filled words, containers of the force, like helium balloons ascend to heaven with power to create. “Say 82 foot yacht then hunt yourself a big dock!” In the next breath they urge people to send money. Be not deceived, you pay for that yacht or jet. Did Noah use that faith formula? Faith is belief and trust but calling it a force is a farce. Copeland: “What you say is a substance that goes into heaven and becomes substance,” Cadillacs, jets etc. Fred Price’s egocentric prayer is, “Not your will but mine be done.” “You should say if the Lord will we shall live and do this or that” (James 4:15). “If we ask anything according to his will he hears us” (1 John 5:14). The authority of the believer only exists in the will of God. At times God sends circumstances to change us but we ask Him to change the circumstances.

             The objective of prayer is not to have our will done in heaven but God’s will done in earth (Matt. 6:10).  Faith is only as good as the object in which it is placed. “Have faith in your faith” says Copeland. This is circular reasoning like a dog chasing its tail. “Have faith in God” (Mark 11:22). God does not have faith for it is “the substance of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen” (Heb. 11:1). Is there anything God has not seen?  The Greek word for substance is, upostasis, which means “assurance.” If God had faith, what higher power would he trust as the object of his faith? Their faith god is a false god. “Faith of God” refers to the faithfulness of God (Romans 3:3). Faith by itself has no love, compassion or conscience so we must have faith in the right person, the right object of our faith, Jesus. In context, true faith is always in God. At Jesus’ return true faith on earth will be scarce (Luke 18:8).

            We often hear of mountain moving prayer. Imagine standing near Mt. Everest praying for it to move but nothing happens, Why? It was your will but not God’s will. If it was his will it would vaporize in a microsecond. If it moved, it would indicate God made a mistake putting it there. Your will must line up with his will. All else is repackaged Voodoo. The Word of God is subject to the will of God. He does not dance to some force.




            Copeland’s “anointing” is a satanic counterfeit. God spoke  to me in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I judged it by Scripture and found it true. When the Spirit anointed Jesus in Luke 4:18, he quoted God’s word from Isaiah 61:1,2. Copeland received demonic anointing and quoted Satan that men can be gods (Ezek.28:13,14; Genesis 3:5). Benny Hinn said, “I have a key and visit tombs of preachers Kathryn Kuhlman and Aime Semple McPherson to get anointing from their bones.”15  He has many skeletons in his closet. Seeking the dead, necromancy, is  witchcraft (Deut.18:10-12).

            The devil controls some television preachers. Copeland “spent $300 million for air time” to broadcast lies. Are people so biblically illiterate they don’t know God from the devil? The blind lead the blind and the bland lead the bland.

            Hagin built his evil empire on sand of a false interpretation of the Greek word “rhema.” It means wicked words of persecutors, false prophets,  in Matthew 5:11. He likely does not even know the Greek alphabet!  He “went out of his body through his mouth, like a man slips out of his trousers, then slipped back into his body.” “Oral Roberts said word for word what I’m hearing on Hagin’s tapes,” says Copeland.16 Christian Scientist, Hagin, is the puppeteer and Oral Roberts is the puppet. Prophet Amos spoke of  “a famine not of bread but of hearing God’s word” (8:11).




            God said, “Let There Be Light” and there was light” (Gen.1:3). Faith preachers are not little gods but Almighty creators. Copeland obviously has a multiple personality disorder assuming a new identity as God. Truly, a giant leap for mankind! He says, “Use the formula, Let There Be... to speak things into existence.” A witch said, “People are attracted to pagan religions because they want to be god.” On TBN, Paul Crouch said, “I am a little god; critics be gone.” Hinn says, “You are little gods running around.” No God was formed before or after the true God (Isaiah 43:10). The Bible tells of him and all the rest are devils (1 Cor. 10:20).

            Jesse Duplantis, puppet, and Copeland, the puppeteer, embrace false gods and Christs. Copeland’s god is a 200 pound man like Mormon gods and Morris Cerullo’s god has a body twice as wide as the average human. All these contradictory sightings of gods show great diversity in delusion since God, the Father, is invisible spirit (John 4:24). We are not duplicates but reflections of God, reflecting his love and mercy. God gave humans his attributes of personality, spirituality and morality but only God is everywhere present, all powerful and all knowing. Humans in “the image of God” in Hebrew means we are a finite shadow of the real thing.

            Only the creator can speak creative words. Have faith in your faith means have faith in yourself as God. The Roman Empire fell because of this idolatry after changing God into an image like corruptible man (Romans 1:16-32). Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing (Matthew 7:15). Self-obsessed  Copeland ran the gamut of insanity entering the 6-fold ministry by declaring himself as a creator God.

            The tail wags the dog! Copeland, not God, is in the driver’s seat: “I had to get firm with God.” Clay cannot command the Potter (Isaiah 45:9-12). If we can decree things, where is the sovereignty of God? “We bind you Satan,” he says, but the devil remains loose on earth since only God and angels have power to bind  (Job 1:7; Rev. 20:1,2). These strange doctrines fuel their fantasies as they self-destruct. Our only defense against Satan is the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6). The devil will have us for dinner if we wear the breastplate of self-righteousness.

            Word Faith confusion rivals the Tower of Babel. Ken speaks from his abundance of ignorance demoting God and exalting himself: “Adam in Eden was an exact duplicate of God, six feet tall and earth is a copy of the mother planet.” He is duped for God is not duplicated. With an idolatrous deity complex and towering ego he dispenses a megadose of Christian Science, Waco, Mormon and Jonestown potion: “You don’t have a god in you; you are one  (force of love, Tape #02-0028).            His wife, Gloria, has paradoxical theology: “You are not God.”8 Creator and creation are light years apart. They play God in their roll-playing mind games in their land of make-believe. Kreflo Dollar claims equality with God and denies Christians have a sin nature. The nauseating faith movement is on the pinnacle of its decline.

            We are not in “the God class” for he is in a class by himself. “God is not a man” (Num. 23:19; Hosea 11:9). “He will not give his glory to another” (Isaiah 48:11). In cults everyone except Jesus gets to be God. Christians are one with God in fellowship not in nature (John 17).  Jerry Savelle, Charles Capps and Jesse Duplantis are duplicates, book ends, of Copeland all made with Hagin’s occultic Christian Science rhema cookie cutter. They promote the unbiblical fable of “Satan’s legal right.” Discern wheat from chaff by comparing everything with Scripture. Bereans even compared Paul’s teachings with Scripture to see if they were true (Acts 17:11). All we hear must be “judged” in this way (1 Cor. 14:29). God does not say something by a so-called prophet that contradicts what He already said in the Bible. A compass would be useless if we did not have a true north.

            Ken puts a literal spin on figurative language in Isaiah 40:12 to prove God has a nine inch hand-span like himself. Pinocchio’s nose grew every time he lied so Ken should measure his nose not his hand. Heavens stretch billions of light years making it difficult to measure by hand. Can he hold oceans in his hand as the verse says? He adds: “God is not a giant monster out there somewhere but a being very much like us. Adam in Eden was a womb-man, a man with a womb!” Great wisdom!  Hinn says: “If you are the offspring of God, you can’t be human.” Jim Jones murdered over 900 in Guyana and said, “I am Almighty God.” Lifespring, a human potential New Age movement, teaches that latent deity, Christ consciousness, resides in people. Their focus is within not to Calvary. The Washington sniper said, “I  Am  God.”

            The southern USA Bible belt is a wasteland of hijacked Christianity. Many have swallowed Word Faith cyanide and liberals  attack the Genesis account of creation and man’s fall into sin. If the first Adam did not sin there is no need for Jesus, the second Adam, to die for our sins. However, most Baptists, Assemblies of God and others, like Billy Graham,  faithfully preach the old time gospel that saves (1 Cor. 15:1-4).

            I spoke to a man in a wheelchair in Dallas who had worked as a Baptist pastor for 50 years. He said, “I had some newly born kittens that were Methodist but after eight days their eyes were opened and became Baptist!” Some Methodist Christians believe in sinless perfection but claim to lose their sanctification at times.

             A metaphor mentions God’s wings and feathers but he is not a bird (Psalm 91:4). True God is spirit with neither flesh and bones nor hands (John 4:24; Luke 24:39). King Solomon said, “Life and death are in the power of the tongue” (Proverbs 18:21). This refers to edicts of those in authority not rhema prophets. When Kings or State Governors say, “Off with the head,” the head comes off.  Copeland, by Satan’s power, can show a sign to entice you to follow his false Gods  (Deuteronomy 13:1-5).

            Copeland lied: “God is the greatest failure of all time. He lost Adam and Eve to Satan and control of the universe.” Man lost self control but God never lost control but brought a flood when man became too evil. God created the potential for evil but Adam and Eve actualized it by disobeying God and eating  forbidden fruit.

             God has Satan on a leash and he must get God’s permission to test Christians (Job 2). Reprobates in Rome did not know the difference between creator and creation and believed in Adam and Steve not Adam and Eve (Rom.1:20-32). Most Gay oriented churches try to make people comfortable in their sins rather than get them saved and forsake their sins.

            New Ager, Shirley MacLaine, on Malibu Beach, raised her hands and declared New Age doctrine: “I am God.” Pantheistic zodiac junkies claim to be gods in this “post Christian Age of Aquarius.” A Hindu guru, teacher, said, “I don’t seek a relationship with any God for that would suggest I am not God.”  Humans are not Gods (Acts 14:8-15). A Christian is a new man not a new God, a new creature not a new creator (Eph. 4:24; 2 Cor. 5:17).

            A man disagreed with Copeland as he pontificated on identification, man is God. Pointing to the man, Ken  said, “That fellow is dead today. Now I said that to warn you. Don’t criticize people for preaching identification when you don’t understand it. Keep your mouth shut and pray.”9 The acid test to find out if a man is a God or not is to ask his wife. He traded God for a mirror and should live in a house of mirrors! This is a case of malignant narcissism. New Agers, with their mystical view, “look within” to see God. They cannot tell the difference between Creator and creation, between the finite and the infinite. Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “Look beyond the mirror that is in front of you.” A person who is always harping might be an angel!

            Adam did not “commit cosmic treason and sell his godhood for a piece of fruit” for he never had it to sell. He was always like us, a finite creature with no godhood. The body of Christ is not Christ but human church members, Jew, gentile, bond and free (1 Cor. 12). Cerullo boasted: “You are not looking at Morris Cerullo; you are looking at God; you are looking at Jesus!” He shaves his god every morning. Mormons say, “Adam in Eden is God.”

            Faith teachers are winners. They won the Triple-Crown in lying as error begets more error. The skin of truth is stuffed with lies. Peter Popov claimed to have revelation knowledge from God  in his meetings appearing to know about illnesses of strangers. He wore a hearing device and his wife transmitted information from a back room. This type of person obviously has no conscience.

            Some faith teachers believe the modalistic, oneness, doctrine of God. It denies the trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and teaches Jesus is the only person in the godhead. This belief system says that Jesus is his own father and he prayed to himself. This group was excommunicated from the USA Assemblies of God in  about 1914. It includes United Pentecostals, most Apostolics, William Branham, T.D. Jakes, Arnold Murray and others. They say Jesus appeared in three different modes like an actor coming on stage at different times as three different persons. Beware of anything with the name, “United” for it is likely united with non-Christian teachings. United Methodists, the United Church of Canada, Catholics and Anglicans (Inghamites) have strayed from the Bible. Some churches believe in only the King James Bible. You can’t go astray using that excellent version but beware of The New World Perversion of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

            Most Oneness people exhibit irrational emotionalism and have the gift of gab. Trying to get a word in edgewise is an exercise in futility. “A fool is full of words” (Eccl. 10:14). At Jesus’ baptism, the Father spoke from heaven and the Spirit descended in the form of a dove (Matt. 3:16,17). All three persons were present so how can Jesus be the only person in the godhead?  Persons not natures communicate with each other. Jesus’ human nature did not communicate with his divine nature as Oneness people claim.   Remission of sins comes by believing in Jesus not by baptism (Acts 10:43). You must believe “with all your heart” before baptism (Acts 8:37). The biblical command is to first repent then be baptized (Acts 2:38). It is a public declaration that you believe in the death, burial and resurrection of Christ and also shows you are dead and buried to your old life and rise  to walk in newness of life. The gospel does not include baptism (1 Cor. 1:17). The biblical pattern is to baptize Christians. Unbelievers will be damned not unbaptized believers (Mark 16:16). Our sins are washed away by the blood of Jesus not by water (Rev. 1:5). Saul of Tarsus had his sins washed away by “calling on the Lord” then became the Apostle Paul (Acts 22:16). “All that call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved” (Romans 10:13).

            United Pentecostals held a convention in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I met them at various places in the city and without exception they asked, “What formula was used in your baptism?”  It reminded me of babies in high chairs bawling about  formulas. We are not saved by works we do including baptism or speaking in tongues. Salvation is possible only by what Jesus did for us at Calvary. Baptizing a non-Christian changes him from a dry to a wet hell-bound sinner.  Infant baptism cannot be found in the Bible.

            In the name of Jesus means in the authority of Jesus. It is not some magic mantra. Imagine a policeman at your door saying, “Open  in the name of the law.” Does the law have a name? It means in the authority of the law. Cornelius changed the sequence of the Oneness formula. He believed, received the Holy Spirit then was baptized (Acts 10:42-48). You can’t expect them to understand baptism when they are confused about the godhead. Error begets more error. Like Jehovah’s Witnesses, they speak of the trinity as three heads on one neck. God, the Father, is Spirit with neither neck, flesh nor bones (John 4:24; Luke 24:39). Only Allah remains after Muhammad purged 359 of 360  false tribal gods at Mecca.



            John Avanzini, another falling megastar in the faith galaxy, says, “Jesus had a big house, handled big money and wore designer clothes not off the rack, one size fits all.”10 Copeland denies the unique deity of Christ: “When I read the Bible where he [Jesus] says ‘I AM,’ yes, I AM too.”11 He also claims Jesus said, “They crucified me for claiming I was God but I didn’t claim I was God.”12 Copeland’s reign of error on TV continues:  

            “Christ’s emaciated, poured out, wormy little spirit was tormented by the devil in hell.” Satan is not in hell (Gehenna) now but will be there later according to Revelation 20. He teaches that Jesus became a defiled demoniac on the cross, was born again in hell and became the first born again man. The truth is, he suffered enough hell on the cross for our sins and no additional suffering in hell was needed. Joyce Meyer in the past preached the born again Jesus. How could Jesus be a devil on the cross when he said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do?” (Luke 23:34).  Jesus did not go to hell for three days for he told the thief he would join him in Paradise that day then committed his spirit to God not to hell (39-48). Paradise is heaven (2 Cor. 12:2-4). JWs, 7th Day Adventists, Word fake teachers and others are confused since three Greek words are translated Hell in King James Bible:

·         Tartaros is a place for sinful angels (2 Peter 2:4).

·         Hades is the place of disembodied spirits not bodies. It has two compartments: After his death the soul of Lazarus was  carried by angels  to Abraham’s bosom, a place of comfort, but the rich man was dropped off in a place of torment and will be there until the final judgment (Luke 16:22-31). A “great gulf” is fixed between these two compartments in Hades.                            Humans are body, soul and spirit, the inner and outer man (1 Thess. 5:23; 2 Cor. 4:16). At resurrection, soul and spirit reunite with our new bodies (1 Cor.15). Death does not mean we cease consciousness for the dead shall hear the voice of Jesus at his coming (John 5:25). Moses slept with his fathers but appeared thousands of years later with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration (Duet. 31:16; Matt. 17). Death is separation of body and soul, “absent from the body present with the Lord” (2 Cor. 5:8). Jesus will “bring those that are asleep with him” when he returns (1 Thess. 4:13-18). Souls do not sleep!

·         Mnamei: “Graves, Mnamei, opened and many bodies of saints that slept arose” (Matt. 27:52). Here we see  graves and hell are translated from different Greek words. Jesus raised Lazarus from his grave, mnamei, not from his hades (John 12:17).      

·         Gehenna is translated hell and refers to the lake of fire after  the last judgment. Can you smell sulphur as Jesus speaks?:        “You Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; you generation of slimy snakes; you whitewashed sepulchers full of rotting corpses; how will you escape the damnation of hell [Gehenna]” (Matt. 23:23-33). Between death and resurrection Jesus was alive in spirit and “preached unto spirits,” not bodies, in prison, Hades not Gehenna (1 Peter 3:18-20). Since Christ’s resurrection, souls of  the righteous dead are conscious at the throne of God (Rev. 6:9-11). There are various rewards in heaven and degrees of punishment in hell (Luke 12:43-48). Jesse Duplantis takes trips to heaven and hell and preaches with John Hagee and Copeland. All descriptions of hell in Scripture are not literal since we can have “hell fire in our tongues” (James 3:6). I’ve felt this in the cult kingdom. Women live longer than men since it takes them longer to get ready! 

            Ken’s slogan, “Jesus is Lord” should be changed to “Jesus is Lord and so am I.” He made himself God and reduced Jesus to an  “anointed one” like a divine idea in Christian Science. A person can say, “Lord, Lord” and not know Christ (Mat.7:21-23). John the Baptist said, “Jesus must increase and I must decrease” (John 3:30). He is  King of kings and Lord of lords with two natures divine and human, in the form of God and the form of man (Rev. 17:14; Phil. 2:6,7). He is 100% man and 100% God for a  total of 200%. Anything less is a false Christ, just a prophet or Michael the Archangel. “Jesus is Lord and Savior.” Lord means he is  God and Savior refers to what he does, he saves us from our sins. You cannot know Christ as Savior unless you know him as Lord since only the Lord God can forgive sins.



            Copeland’s snake oil religion continues:   “Moses’ serpent on the pole represents Satan for Jesus took on Satan’s nature, became a demoniac at Calvary and was born again in hell.” This account simply tells how Jesus would die; he would be lifted up. Jesus is God in flesh so how can he be Satan (John 1:1,14). He did not become sinful but is our sinless “sin offering” (Heb. 10:10). Satan as Word Faith savior is blasphemy (Mark 3:22-30). It is unpardonable in their context because their  false born-again Jesus has no more authority to pardon sins than the false Mormon Jesus, the brother of Satan, or Jehovah’s Witnesses’ false Christ, Michael the Archangel, or Allah. Jesus is Satan’s creator not his brother as Mormons claim (Ezek. 28:13-15). Jesus prophesied his own death by saying he would be lifted up on the cross as Moses lifted up a serpent on a pole (John 3:1-16; Numbers 21:7-9).

            Copeland said, “You don’t have a God in you; you are one.”  Calling a man God is blasphemy (John 10:33). He believes Satan conquered Jesus on the cross; the Lamb became a serpent. The opposite is true for Jesus conquered Satan and rose victorious over death. Notice the difference between Gloria’s defeated church and the glorious victorious Church of Jesus. Pagan Hagin takes a quantum leap copying from Kenyon’s occult book, The Father and His Family: “The believer is as much an incarnation [God in flesh] as Jesus of Nazareth.”13 Evidently that is where faith teachers discovered their false godhood. We are adopted, finite, human sons of God (Galatians 4:5).   

            The Trinity Broadcasting Network, with a few exceptions, is a large platform for false teachers. Benny Hinn renounced the teaching that Jesus was born again in hell. He says, “Jesus did not give up his riches when he came to earth; he gave up his deity.” How could Jesus create enough fish and bread out of nothing to feed thousands, walk on water, calm storms and raise himself from the dead without his deity? (John 6:1-14; 2:18-21; 10:18). Jesus proved he is God by not responding to Satan’s temptations. To sin requires an inner response to an outward temptation. Humans respond due to their sin nature but Jesus is without sin. We must take a stand for the time of non-rockaboatus has passed.


            I stood near Copeland’s Eagle Mountain Church near Fort Worth, Texas, but saw no crosses and none are visible on his TV programs. Faith teachers believe like Christian Science: “The material blood of Jesus was no more efficacious to cleanse from sin when it was shed upon the accursed tree than when it flowed in his veins.”14 Jesse Duplantis has a cross in some of his meetings!

            Fred Price on television: “If just dying on a cross could save us, the two thieves could have done that. Devils threw a net over Jesus and dragged him in chains into the Hades section of the underworld to serve our sentence. As he suffered, demons danced a jig and went on a three day drunk.”

            Sins are purged by blood not by hell fire (Heb.9:22). Is this a Copeland- Price-Hagin purgatory? Do they sell indulgences? Ken says, “If I had working knowledge of the Bible like Christ, I could have redeemed mankind.” How can a sinner redeem a sinner? Can Hitler redeem Sama bin Laden or Saddam Hussein?

            All non-Christian cults deny the sufficiency of Christ’s atonement on the cross. I heard gun shots in Vancouver and nearby a man lay dead in a pool of blood. When we speak of Jesus’ blood, we  refer to his death for our sins (1 Cor. 15:1-4). He died as our substitute the Just died for the unjust. Salvation is not DO but DONE. On the cross Jesus said, “It is finished,” tetelestai, which means paid in full (John 19:30). Merchants used it on bills of sale.             Copeland says Jesus began the work of redemption on the cross and finished it in hell. On the cross Jesus said, “It is finished.” We owed a debt we could not pay but Jesus paid a debt he did not owe. The false Christ of Catholics cannot forgive sins but needs help from priests, Mary, and purgatory. However, some found salvation by looking beyond stained glass and tradition to Jesus. You can find forgiveness by confessing your sins to a priest if you have the right Priest, Jesus Christ the Great High Priest (Heb.4:14).

            The  Gospel that saves from sin is a down-to-earth message of Jesus coming down to earth from heaven to pay our death penalty for our sins. The world’s greatest demonstration of love is someone laying down his life for his enemies. The Health & Wealth gospel of these high rollers manipulates and  fleeces people but the true gospel is about giving: “God so loved the world he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever (you or me) believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life” (John 3:16). This verse is out of date for Copeland who says, “Jesus is no longer God’s only begotten Son.”

            If I was sentenced to hang but someone loved me and hung in my place to pay my death penalty, I could go free. The innocent Jesus hung at Calvary to pay the death penalty for all us guilty sinners to satisfy the justice of God. Jesus preached the gospel to the poor (Luke 4:18). Ken, twisting the Bible like a pretzel, thinks this means preaching his Health & Wealth gospel to the financially poor. He said: “We preach the gospel to the poor with the same fervor as we preach the gospel of salvation to sinners.” There is only one gospel for rich and poor: “I declare unto you the gospel that saves from sin, Christ died for our sins and rose again” (1 Cor. 15:1-4). Rich people can be spiritually poor (Rev.3:17).

            I have not heard him preach a single saving truth. He likely spoke some general truth such as, “Earth is not flat.” No saving truth exists if one has a false savior, false gods and gospel. “Jesus saves from sin” (Matt. 1:21). In the last days “many false prophets shall arise and deceive many” (Matt.24:11).

            Can faith teachers find the gospel in the Old Testament? Moses preached the unfolding plan of salvation to free Hebrew slaves in Egypt and it was not about getting Abraham’s riches but killing the Passover lamb and putting its blood on door posts (Ex. 12:21-23). “Jesus our Passover is sacrificed for us” (1 Cor. 5:7). Salvation by the blood of Christ is the theme of Scripture. Abraham preached the gospel: “God will provide himself a lamb” (Gen. 22:8). Old Testament people were saved by looking forward in faith through symbols and shadows  to the cross and we are forgiven by looking back. Jesus is the substance that fulfills symbols such as Sabbaths, animal sacrifices, priests and feasts. “Keep the Passover and Sabbath forever” (Ex. 12:14; 31:16,17). Both continue today in a different form. In the communion service we celebrate the Passover and the rest we have in Christ fulfills the Sabbath ( 1 Cor. 11:25;

            Harold Kamping used numerology and said the church age ended and people cannot be saved after Sept. 6, 1994. He arrived at his date by 153 fish the disciples caught in John 21:11, then multiplied  by his formula. Seventh Day Adventist false prophetess, Ellen White, said the door was shut and nobody could be saved after 1844. John Hagee talks as if Jews can be saved without the Christian gospel. Jesus did not know that as he preached the gospel to a Jewish ruler, Nicodemus, and pointed to himself lifted up on the cross then spoke John 3:16 to him. The gospel is to the Jew first and also to the Greek (Romans 1:16). The main difference between mainstream Judaism and Christianity is they are waiting for the first coming of the Messiah and we are looking for His second coming.  Judaism can be likened unto a bud and Christianity is the flower. The supreme race in the Bible is the human race. Christianity is the completed form of Judaism.

            In computer language, we see God in heaven hi-lighting our sins and hitting the delete button to erase our files. Bob George says Christians do not have to confess their sins but Jesus said the opposite (Matt. 6:9-15). He lost his compass and is totally confused. The Jesus Seminar teaches that Jesus was crucified, buried in a shallow grave and eaten by dogs.  Like Islam, it denies the resurrection.

            Are you lost and undone without God or his Son? Be justified, forgiven, by praying: God be merciful to me a sinner. Jesus, come into my life and forgive my sins as I receive the gift of salvation, not of works. I forsake my wicked ways, Bible twisting and deceitful manipulation by give-to-get pyramid con games.

            John Kennedy Jr. could neither see landmarks nor read instruments as he flew over the dark Atlantic and soon went into a death spin into the ocean. Suicidal faith teachers put their spin on  Scripture and are lost for eternity. We must hang together or they will hang us separately. If you are sucked into this black hole, pray, God be merciful to me a sinner, Amen.

            “Some might say, “This information is too judgmental!” Don’t forget, we are told to judge what people say by comparing it with the words God spoke in Scripture  (1 Cor. 14:29; Acts 17:11). If it does not square with the Bible it is from Satan. We must blow our cover and blow the whistle on false prophets not roll over and play dead or act like a half-cooked piece of spaghetti with no calcium in our backbones. Also, all 7th  Day Adventist teachings are not biblical but the result of  slight of mind and overactive imaginations.

            Imagine a judge hearing evidence then checking law books and sentencing a person to death. You might say, “He was too judgmental.” Comparing lies with the Bible must be judgmental. This literature inoculates people to prevent infection by cult viruses. Distribute this in any form.  Drop me a line, thanks.


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