Branham was not Christian for his teachings contradict the bible. One example is opening the seven seals of Revelation:
    He said, “I saw seven angels in the form of a pyramid that swept down, picked me up and was brought east to open the seven seals of God” (Commissioned by Seven Mighty Angels). “Who is worthy to open the book and loose the seals? No man in heaven or earth was able to open the book except the lamb that was slain and redeemed us to God by his blood” (Rev. 5:1-10).
    The last Bible book is The Revelation of Jesus Christ not Branham. He nor any other sinner only Jesus could open the seals. Scripture is our sole rule for faith and practice so all must agree with it to separate truth from error. Their preachers read the bible through a Branham lens then rubber-stamp his lies with no objective bible study. Christianity is historic and evidential.
    Remember: Judas was one of the inner circle of the 12 Apostles who cast out devils, worked miracles, and looked like the real article but according to Jesus “was a devil” (John 6:70). That explains Branham’s ministry for wonderful works and prophecy can be marks of a wolf in sheep’s clothing (Matt. 7:15-23; Deut. 13:1-5). His evolving beliefs and ramblings about church ages, the bride, Rome etc. are conspiracy theories with no basis in reality. At best the whole shebang is the skin of truth stuffed with lies.
    A man from Edmonton stopped for a red light on Fraser Highway, Langley, BC., as a Branham tape rolled with maximum volume in his car. He said, “The Bible Way Church in Cloverdale is a cult.” This shows they have divisions. Holding the cross, I asked: “Who is the final authority that speaks for God in these last days?” He answered, “William Branham, the prophet to the lukewarm Laodicean church, the last of seven church ages.”

    Those churches were not in ages but in Asia 2,000 years ago. What does Hebrews 1:1-2 say?” I asked, but he did not know.
     It says: “God spoke in past times by prophets but today has spoken by Jesus” not Branham. They swallow cyanide in print and on tape by the megadose.
     Ashley in a donut shop said: “Branham was vindicated as a true prophet by a pillar of fire” as seen in a picture. In contrast, the right bible way to “judge” a prophet is to compare his words with God’s standard, the Bible (Acts 17:11; 1 Cor. 14:29). God in scripture does not give contradictory messages but Branham has other substandard demonic sources, pyramids and zodiacs. The errors mentioned here are a tip of the iceberg:

Error #1: Branham Witchcraft:

    He said the zodiac and Egyptian pyramids are equal to Scripture in the revelation of God’s Word.2 He has a pyramid shaped tombstone in Indiana. Witchcraft, astrology and New Age all use pyramids and zodiacs for divination which means predicting the future. Mormon founder, Joseph Smith, saw pillars of light and angels. Russell, Jehovah’s Witness founder, measured Egyptian pyramids, changed inches to years, to confirm world’s end in 1914. Nothing happened so he added inches and years in later writings. Their next president, Rutherford, rejected pyramidology. Ellen White, 7th Day Adventist co-founder, predicted the end in 1844, Joseph Smith, 1891, Branham 1977. All had lying spirits in their mouths (1 Kings 22:22). It is biblical to name people who lie publicly (Acts 5:1-10).


    The Great Pyramid was the hub of a huge complex of cemeteries. Mummified kings were entombed with vast amounts of gold, food and other things to maintain an opulent lifestyle in the after-life. Poor people were buried with nothing in surrounding cemeteries. In that culture of death dads ended up as mummies. Pyramids have an Occultic alignment with the stars.
     Mummies were preserved life-like as possible to provide a permanent home for the soul to cheat death and have eternal life. Evidently the soul did not know the body was dead. The pyramid is an essential point of pilgrimage for Occultists, witches, magicians, necromancers (seekers of the dead) and a place of demons and spirits. All are an abomination (Deut. 18). Narrow passages through the rock allowed Occultic soul travel.
    Branham bought into these far-fetched fantasies saying the pyramid and zodiac are equal to scripture to reveal God’s word. A man at Jesus’ tomb said, “He is not here for he is risen” (Mark 16:6). What revelation of God’s word would Branham get from Egyptian cemeteries? Do fantasy-prone followers practice mummification at their churches? Benny Hinn visits graves to get anointing from bones.
    Zodiacs are used by witches and astrologers to tell the future and also enabled Branham to predict Jesus’ return in 1977. Astrologers, sorcerers and star gazers are abominable (Jer. 47:12,13).
    May 6, 2005: I stood on a street in Abbotsford, BC. with a Jesus sign. Soon a young lady dressed in black grabbed my cross, broke it in several pieces, threw it into traffic and walked home. Later, on her driveway, the witch turned to me saying, “Satan lives here!” then continued in a state of rage ordering me off her property.
     As a last resort she threatened to turn two pit bulls loose to drive me away. I said, “Bring them on! Dogs are my friends.” She opened her high fence gate and roared, “Attack! Attack!” Her dogs ran up to me and I petted one then extended my hand and said, “In Jesus Name.” She became quiet and walked down the street. Jesus can close mouths of lions, witches or dogs. All cultists are Satanists for Satan is the author of their belief systems. “Resist the devil and he will run” (James 4:7). Witches are enemies of the cross. See New Age article

Error #2: Branham is Elijah:

    At a Seattle seminar a woman asked, “Why did God allow Branham to be killed in a car accident?” Morris Cerullo answered, “I think because followers lifted him up as Elijah and he went along with it.” Cerullo, like Copeland, has a deity complex and is duped exalting himself as a duplicate of God so his life is also in danger.
     In a meeting, Cerullo shouted, “You are not looking at Morris Cerullo; you are looking at God; you are looking at Jesus.” After Elijah went to heaven, his spirit rested upon Elisha (2 Kings 2:15). The same spirit came upon John the Baptist to fulfill Malachi 4:6, “turning hearts of fathers to children” (Luke 1:17).
     Only Jesus can restore all things (Acts 3:20,21). Eden Lost will become Eden Restored as seen in Revelation 21. Branhamites, like Hindus, believe in reincarnation saying their founder is Elijah returned. Jesus said, “Elias shall first come and restore all things” (Matt. 17:11). With slight of hand they lift this verse out of context as if it referred to Branham but the next two verses make it clear it is about John the Baptist. God the Father said to listen to Jesus not to Elijah (Matt. 17:3-5).

Error #3: Jesus to return in 1977:

     “Jesus did not say no man could know the year, month or week in which his coming would be completed. I sincerely believe and maintain as a private student of the Word along with divine inspiration that 1977 ought to terminate the world systems and usher in the millennium.”1
     Did Jesus come in 1977? On page 10 of The Messenger we are told Branham is “infallible” so is in the same league as Popes. There is no need to speculate for the bible tells exactly when Jesus will return, when you least expect him “like a thief in the night” (1 Thess. 5:1). Prophetic words must be “judged” by comparing them with the bible record for God does not contradict himself (Acts 17:11; 1 Cor. 14:29). Writings of true prophets are scripture but Branham’s do not qualify. The Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship distanced themselves from Branham after he wanted his writings recognized as scripture.
     Aug. 3/02: A motor-mouth follower of Branham showed me a copy of a later edition of the book, Seven Church Ages, to prove my above quote wrong. He claimed “divine inspiration” so blamed God for his lies. In the new edition it appears they deleted divine inspiration.” Truly, a slight of mind and hand as they repackage the lies. In the Bible, false prophets did not correct false prophecies but were stoned to death.
     California did not slide into the ocean as predicted (tape: choosing a bride). The USA was not destroyed by atomic bombs and The World Council of Churches did not consume all denominations under control of Roman Catholics by 1977. He should have read his tea leaves again. It is a non-prophet organization based on speculation not revelation. Tune up your balogna detector! False prophets and fortune tellers were killed (Deut. 13:1-5; 18:20-22) and the same thing happened to Branham and Mormon founder, Joseph Smith who was shot in jail. Prophecies, visions and dreams that do not square with scripture are mind delusions and unbridled speculation from fertile imaginations. The ground-hog’s predictions are by far more accurate. Catholic visionaries speak of praying to Mary.
     The church is built on the foundation of Jesus’ apostles and Old Testament prophets. Jesus is the Chief Cornerstone (Eph. 2:20). When you erect a building, a foundation is laid once. “God spoke in times past by prophets but in these last days has spoken by his Son” (Heb. 1:1,2). Jesus is the greatest “Apostle” (Heb. 3:1). False prophesying is like shooting an arrow into a tree then painting a bull’s eye around it. They make predictions then with slight of mind and newspaper theology revise history to make it appear they came true. Jesus told the future to the world’s end in Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21 and Revelation so there is no need for guessing games. Prophets today repeat what scripture says about the past, present and future to build up, stir up and cheer up believers (1 Cor. 14:3).
    We are told Branham was accurate in his predictions in spite of his record showing Jesus returning in 1977. The bible tells us a false prophet can show a sign that comes to pass to convince you to go after his false gods but that prophet shall be put to death (Deut. 13: 1-5). Many have followed Branham’s false god and false Christ after seeing an imaginary sign.

Error #4: The Serpent had Sex with Eve:

    The Theatre of the Absurd continues: Branham said the serpent in Eden was the missing link between man and monkey. Truly, a giant leap for mankind! Does he have fossils or transitional forms to confirm evolution? Species lines do not cross since every creature reproduces after its kind. He said reptiles mate with humans: “Man and animal did mingle. Eve had sex with the snake and Cain was born.”3 The Bible says, “Adam knew his wife and she conceived and bare Cain then said I received a man from the Lord” [not from Satan] (Genesis 4:1). Where are the hybrids, Nephalim, half snake and half human like mermaids? Sons of God, believers, and daughters of men, unbelievers, had children who became mighty men like Goliath not hybrids (Gen. 6:4). Missing links are still missing. This wild distortion shows he overdosed on false doctrine. What was he smoking?
    He also claimed Eve’s eating was adultery with the serpent. Genesis 3:15 is the first mention of the Gospel and says Jesus would step on the snake’s [Satan’s] head. This is symbolic of Jesus defeating Satan at Calvary and does not refer to a literal snake in Eden. Metaphors tell what Satan is like not what he looks like. He is cunning and devious like a snake, produces fear like a “roaring lion” and is also like a dragon in Revelation. The snake “crawling on its belly in the dust” is symbolic of Jesus putting his enemies under his feet and shows the extent of Satan‘s fall, from heaven to walking on earth (1 Cor. 15:25; Job 1:7).
    Bob Larson, Neil Anderson and John Hagee echo the same mythology that demons have sex with humans. To believe that one must be psychotic, out of touch with reality. Their sophistry is pure sensationalism with no basis in reality since demons have neither physical bodies nor human sperm but are fallen angels that do not procreate.
     Larson speaks of male and female sexual spirits, Incubus and Secubus, and uses the bible like a sword to castrate male sex demons and lies claiming Christians can be demon possessed. Brigham Young, polygamist Mormon false prophet, said, “Adam God was resurrected, had sex with Mary and Jesus was born.” They have more hang-ups than a dry cleaner! All liars shall have their part in the lake of fire (Rev. 21:8). Don’t be like a half-cooked piece of spaghetti. Stand against this superstitious rubbish.
     A Branhamite threatened: “I will put an Ichabod curse on you!” The whole scene is more like black magik of Voodoo than Christianity with its collective madness and doorways to the Occult: pyramids, zodiacs, sex perversion, curses, missing links, a created Jesus, false gods, men as legalistic control freaks and dictators, women as doormats, reincarnation, fake healings, snakes and women having sex, out of body experiences, false prophecies, trances, women haters, tape brainwashing, motor mouths, angels of light and a pyramid-shaped church with no cross in Cloverdale. False prophets: Kenneth Hagin, and Copeland endorse Branham. There is no sign of Christianity in the above list.

Error #5: Legalism & Brainwashing:

    Branham said: “You be sure to say just what the tape says. Don’t say nothing else because I don’t say that of my own it’s him that says it.” Some left Hutterite colonies and joined Branham. A colony is considered an ark on a troubled sea and only those in the ark will be saved. The controlling Colony Boss thinks all others are brain dead and does all their thinking. Just kiss your brains good-bye when you join this cult.
     Regimented Hutterite women with long hair wear dresses that sweep the floor and listen to 500 year old sermons so they easily adapt to the dictator/doormat suffocating Branham lifestyle. The issue of “head covering” is not a command but a cultural custom we can ignore (1 Cor. 11:1-16). Romans had a custom of “greeting one another with a holy kiss” that does not fit into our culture today (Romans 16:16). Muslims wear traditional veils that have nothing to do with spirituality only outward appearance since God looks on the heart. Jews practice outward flesh circumcision which was fulfilled by heart circumcision and a changed life (Romans 2:28, 29).
     This chauvinistic, barbaric subculture with subjugation of women by dehumanized male control freaks reminds me of Mormons and polygamy, Jehovah Witness slavery or the brutal Taliban regime in Afghanistan. Men ruling over women is part of the curse from the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:16). In Christianity there is “neither Jew nor gentile, male nor female” (Gal. 3:28). A Branham follower said, “Women are there to serve men.” We are all called to serve each other and to esteem others better than ourselves. In this protocol, wives must feel like maids.
     God is not apartheid, practicing racial or gender segregation, since the only supreme race in the Bible is the human race. Abraham was the father of many nations. If you are in Christ, the one Royal Seed, you are an heir of the promises through Abraham’s seed, Jesus.
     Branham said it was politically incorrect to give women the vote then added, “While growing up I hated women and have to watch every move now to keep from thinking the same thing.”4 How can one hate women or anyone else and claim to be a Christian? This forerunner of the Taliban with a dictator/doormat, master/slave outdated view of women and no love is like “sounding brass and tinkling symbols” (1 Cor. 13:1). A 2007 study showed that bullying or belittling your spouse causes fear, stress and heart attacks.
     Their main brainwashing method is listening to Branham’s old heretical tapes. Some call them tapeworms. “God spoke in times past by prophets but in these last days has spoken by his Son” (Heb. 1:1,2). They lie and twist this Scripture like a pretzel saying, “In these last days God speaks by Branham.” When their motor-mouths start they run memorized tapes. Mormons, United Pentecostals, Crossroads Church of Christ, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Moonies are also very divisive and exercise suffocating control with members on a virtual leash in a cage. They have no credibility of their own so they use Christian words but pour their own heretical meanings into them.

Error #6: A False Christ & Salvation:

    Paul warned of a false Jesus, gospel and spirit (2 Cor. 11:4). Their belief system teaches that Jesus is a created being not the Creator “not eternal but had a beginning.”5 Jesus created all things (John 1:3; Col. 1:16). He is O Immanuel, The God with us (Matt. 1:23 Greek; John 1:1). Astronaut, Neal Armstrong, said, “It is more important that God walked on earth than man walked on the moon.”
    Branham denied the Holy Spirit is a person and believed like Christian Science: “He is word manifested thought.”6 Also, “In the beginning Christ was not God but an attribute that was a thought”(The Mighty God Unveiled Before us, p.11). If Jesus did not exist before his birth, how could he be “with the Father before the world began?” (John 17:5). Branham corrected Jesus: “Multitudes who were not born again will go into eternal life.”7 Did he mean eternal life in hell? Compare that with Jesus’ words (John 3:1-16). He also said hell is not eternal. We can find forgiveness of sins by praying to a priest if we have the right Priest, Jesus Christ, The Great High Priest (Heb. 4:14). Jesus is : “God manifest in flesh: (1 Tim. 3:16)

Error #7: The Rock is revelation:

    Branham said the church is built on the rock of revelation.8 “That Rock is Christ” not revelation (1 Cor. 10:4). The sayings of Jesus are also rock and all the rest is shifting sand (Matt. 7:24). Seven church ages is a myth. The churches were in Asia not in ages (Rev. 1:11). They existed in the first century and do not represent this age. Branham said denominations are the mark of the beast so he organized another one. Christians in Ephesus burned their occult books (Acts 19:19). You have nothing to lose but your darkness and chains so burn Branham books and tapes. Pray: God be merciful to me a sinner.

Error #8: Fake Healing:

    In the Bible, gifts of healings are from the Spirit (1 Cor. 12). Branham said a 200 pound barefoot angel did the healing so he obviously weighed the angel. Satan disguises himself as an angel of light (2 Cor. 11:1-15). He spoke of fireballs in his meetings but he is the only one that saw them. Demonic altered states of consciousness produce these mind games. The circus is run from the monkey cage. He is so far from the truth you can’t get a radar fix on him.
     In a Winnipeg crusade, a newspaper told of many healings. Later, reporters checked and found all had become worse or died. It was a form of mass hysteria and hypnotism where people see what they want to see. With slight of hand and mind he created the mirage of healing and claimed to discern cancer through vibrations and swelled hands. He prayed for people and declared the cancers dead then said they would be sick for a few days until poisons came out of their bodies. Did Jesus ever say that to people? Branham left town well healed in his wallet but his patients died.

Error #9: A False God:

    Branham said: “In the beginning God was not even God just a thought” (The Spoken Word, Vol. 3, p.79). If God did not exist but was only a thought, who had the thought? This is counterfeit Christianity. God doesn’t have to think, He knows! The truth is the Eternal Father had an Eternal Son. When you have a false God and false Christ it follows that everything else in the colossal hoax is false as minds are clouded by fantasy.
     In his book, The Mighty God unveiled before us, he claimed to be one of the manifest Sons of God and said, “God always had skin on him” which is like human Mormon gods. The Christian God is spirit with neither skin nor bones (John 4:24; Luke 24:39). The belief that “God always had skin on him” denies the incarnation which tells us at a point in time “the Word became flesh” after coming down from heaven (John 1:1,14; 6:33). Mary wrapped her gift to the world and laid him in a manger for there was no room in the Inn. Make room for Jesus for there is room at the cross for you. Branham could not tell the difference between The Spoken Word, the Bible, and the Living Word, Jesus.
     Branham believed the modalistic Oneness doctrine of God which denies the trinity and teaches Jesus is his own father and the only person in the Godhead who appeared in three different modes like one actor coming on stage at different times as three different persons. He said Jesus appeared as Father in the Old Testament, as Son in the Gospels and as Holy Spirit in Acts but the Father and Spirit are both in Genesis 1:2.
     Sabellius, a third century Egyptian philosopher and expert in pyramidology (not theology), started this heresy. It includes United Pentecostals, most Apostolics, T.D.Jakes, Rod Parsley, Arnold Murray and others. Oneness people were excommunicated from the Assemblies of God, USA, about 1914. At Jesus’ baptism, the Father spoke from heaven and the Spirit descended in the form of a dove (Matt. 3:16,17). All three persons were present at the same time so how can Jesus be the only one in the Godhead? Was Jesus praying to himself from the cross, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do?” (Luke 23:34). They say Jesus’ human nature prayed to his divine nature but it is separate persons that communicate not natures.
     In his rapture tape, Branham corrected the Bible and traced the seven church ages to “Enoch, the seventh from Noah.” In contrast, the Bible says, “Enoch was seventh from Adam,” not Noah (Jude 14). He claims Enoch’s rapture to heaven is “a type of the seven church ages and this age takes the rapture.”
     His misled, biblically illiterate followers with no compass, in an altered state of consciousness, are totally confused by winds of doctrine and commandments of men. Like witches, New Agers, and French astrologer, Nostradamus, Branham received revelations from the angel of light, Satan, by using zodiacs and pyramids. Extra-biblical revelations are the foundation of cultism. They are directed by shooting stars not the North Star, the Bible. Kenneth Hagin and Copeland were influenced by Branham and we see that fruit is like the heretical tree as both claim to be Gods. The best way to find out if a man is a God or not is to ask his wife. That is the acid test. Hagin built his cult on an incorrect translation of the Greek word “Rhema” which means “wicked words of persecutors” (Mat. 5:11). He said it is a creative word but only the Creator, not human creatures, can speak creative words. Copeland said “God is the greatest failure of all time.” He commands God but clay cannot command the Potter (Isaiah 45). See Copeland article:
     The majority have the gift of gab as motor- mouths go 60 miles an hour with gusts to 100. Trying to get a word in edgewise in this irrational emotionalism is an exercise in futility. “A fool is full of words” (Eccl. 10:14). Their motor-mouths start then run old memorized heretical Branham tapes. They should join Compulsive Talkers Anon Anon Anonymous.

ERROR #10: Baptism Cleanses From Sin:

    They put the cart before the horse saying waters of baptism wash away sin. Remission of sins comes by believing in Jesus (Acts 10:43). One must believe “with all his heart” before baptism (Acts 8:37). The biblical command is to first repent then be baptized (Acts 2:38). Baptism is a symbol showing you believe in the death, burial and resurrection of Christ and you are dead to your old life and risen to walk in newness of life (Romans 6). A wedding ring is a symbol of marriage but if you lost your ring you are still married. Also, if you believe in Jesus but do not have the symbol, baptism, you are still a Christian.
     The gospel does not include baptism (1 Cor. 1:17). Our sins are washed away by the blood of Jesus not by water (Rev. 1:5). Saul of Tarsus had his sins washed away by “calling on the Lord” then became the Apostle Paul (Acts 22:16). The true bible way is to baptize believers, Christians. Unbelievers will be damned not unbaptized believers (Mark 16:16). Noah’s flood is likened unto baptism but he was righteous before going through the waters just as believers are righteous before baptism (1 Peter 3:20,21).
     United Pentecostals held a convention in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I met them at various places and without exception they asked, “What formula was used in your baptism?” It reminded me of babies in high chairs bawling about their formula. We are not saved by works, by anything we do, including baptism or speaking in tongues. Salvation is possible only by what Jesus did for us at Calvary. Baptizing an unbeliever changes him from a dry to a wet hell-bound sinner. Salvation is Christ plus nothing. There is no infant baptism in scripture.
     “In the name of Jesus” means “in the authority of Jesus.” It is not some magic mantra. Imagine a policeman at your door saying, “Open in the name of the law.” Does the law have a name? It means in the authority of the law. Cornelius changed the sequence of the Oneness formula. He believed, received the Holy Spirit then was baptized (Acts 10:42-48).
     You can’t expect them to understand baptism when they are confused about the Godhead. Error begets more error. Like Jehovah’s Witnesses, they speak of the trinity as three heads on one neck. God, the Father, is invisible Spirit with neither neck, flesh nor bones (John 4:24; Luke 24:39). Minds become like concrete, all mixed up and firmly set. Let’s hang together or they will hang us separately.
     The first two verses in Hebrews puts the whole Branham belief system in the garbage can. It says: “God spoke in the past by prophets but now speaks by Jesus” not Branham. Jesus is that prophet who will restore all things (Acts 3:19-26). The restoration is described in Revelation 21, Eden lost becomes Eden restored.
     The best Branham can do is destroy but Jesus restores. The death rate is one per person so accept Christ now. Branham followers no doubt teach their children not to lie but they endorse Branham’s lies that contradict the Bible. All cultists are Satanists for Satan is the author of their belief systems. Burn Branham tapes and books as in Acts 19:19 and renounce all works of darkness. Run, don’t walk, to the nearest exit.
     Branham followers no doubt expect me and other Christians to roll over and play dead as they insist we have the Mark of the Beast which they interpret as belonging to some other denomination other than their Bible Way. The Bible says “Give an answer” (1 Peter 3:15). It is not unloving to tell the truth.
     7th Day Adventists echo the same condemnation saying we must go to their church on Saturday but Sunday worship is The Mark of the Beast. Will the real Beast please stand up? Adventists who keep all rules and the Sabbath are “Weak in Faith” (Romans 14). Judge nobody by Sabbaths (Col. 2:16).Click here for Adventist article
    The Gospel that saves is a Down-To-Earth message of Jesus coming down to earth from heaven to save us from our sins (1 Cor.15:1-4; John 6:33). If I was guilty and sentenced to hang but some innocent person loved me and died as my substitute to pay my penalty I could go free. Christ died in our place but we must accept his pardon and free gift of salvation not of works by praying, “God be merciful to me a sinner (Luke 18:10-14). At death we are “carried by angels” to the place of comfort or torment (Luke 16:22). A great gulf exists between believers in Paradise and those separated from God (v.26).
     Branham, Branhamized cult leaders and others display mule mentality like the mule Jesus rode into Jerusalem (Matt. 21). Crowds shouted and waved palm branches as Jesus entered the city. The Mule was impressed with the celebration and thought: It is all about me. I am very popular here! But it did not realize the focus was on Jesus riding on his back not himself.
    In like manner, bad apples masquerading as oranges read the bible then with fortress mentality conclude: It is all about me. I write by divine inspiration; I opened the seven seals of Revelation; I will restore all things; I am a God; I know the end will come in 1977; I am Elijah the last days prophet; I get revelations from pyramids and zodiacs; I command God.”
     Moses’ serpent on a pole was a preview of Jesus on the cross (John 3:14-16), also the Passover Lamb and Jewish sacrificial system, temple destruction, Jonah and the fish, baptism and the Lord’s supper point to his death, burial and resurrection (1 Cor. 5:7; John 2:19-21; Mat. 12:40; Rom. 6; 1 Cor. 11). Jesus, speaking of the scriptures said, “It is all about Me” (John 5:39). The whole cultic belief system with its false hopes is a placebo for the disease called sin. The death-rate is one per-person so accept the real Jesus now. If you are sucked into the black hole of cultism, running on empty and fear, pray: Jesus, forgive my sins as I receive you as my Saviour. Deliver me from my abyss of deception, in Jesus name, Amen.
     All churches have one thing in common, none can save, Jesus Saves (Matt. 1:21). I have attended Alliance, Assembly of God, Pentecostal (PAOC), Baptist and Christian Life Assembly churches. Trade Branham for Jesus! Don’t be concerned about hair loss for it will be restored in the hair-after!

1. 7 Church Ages, 322. 2. Al Dager, Vengeance is ours, 59.
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