There are two kinds of Atheists: Dogmatic Atheists say: “There is no God!” and try to prove it by their lifestyles. Virtual Atheists agree there is a God  but also live like the devil.

An ant spoke from his anthill in a dark African jungle telling the colony there is no such place as New York City. Obviously, he had not visited America. Atheists have not visited every place in the universe so how can  they say there is no God. Try a billion light years in every direction! Also, God is invisible spirit that is hard to see. The invisible God, the Father, took on human form in Jesus (John 1:1,14;14:9). An agnostic says, “I don’t know.” Agnostic in Latin  is ignoramus.  Imagine  creation without a creator or design without a designer.

Darwin claimed to shudder when he thought of the design of a human eye. Believing in evolution is blind faith since missing links are still missing and their only option is a god of chance with life coming from non-life. Spiritually dead people say, “God is dead” but they obviously confused the corpses. People who try to find freedom by cutting themselves off from God drift with no compass into a self-absorbed suicidal lifestyle with situation ethics, drugs, alcohol, materialism, hopelessness and total shipwreck.

God will judge people on the light they have received so all are without excuse. Romans chapters 1,2 & 3 tell of internal and external evidence of God’s existence. We have the light of creation, conscience and Christ. “The heavens declare the glory of God” (Psalm 19). One is more accountable if he has heard of Christ. There are varying degrees of rewards in heaven and degrees of punishment in hell (Luke 12:47,48). There is no lack of light but people “love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil” (John 3:19).

In Noah’s day “men’s thoughts were evil continually” (Genesis 6:5). God in his wrath sent a flood and only eight survived. Doctors at times amputate a limb to stop gangrene. God amputated almost the entire idolatrous human race and started over with Noah. Some say “Noah’s boat is a myth.” They mythed the boat. An atheist totally doubted God’s existence but wanted to cover all bases so he prayed, “Oh God if there is a God, forgive my sins.” God heard that prayer and his life was changed from the inside out. New Age, Christian Science, Wicca and others cannot separate creation from Creator and say, “God is all and in all.” Benny Hinn, Hinnism, says, “Father, Son and Holy spirit each have a body, soul, and spirit” which sounds similar to Word Faith or Mormonism.

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